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  1. Thanks to the folks here who helped uncover the provenance.
  2. SOLD - @wvu80, They sold for $1500 including delivery charges.
  3. Edited to reflect the knowledgeable input. Thank you! The speakers are connected and can be demo'd in Lawrence, MA. Offers considered.
  4. And why not? Perhaps "unrestored" is a better term?
  5. Selling a pair of LaScalas in birch plywood cabinets with burlap grills. Original Type AA crossovers have not been touched/recapped yet. Sound is stellar-to-amazing on a scale of "how they sound?" Cabinets are in VG+/Excellent condition. They were lightly stained at some point in their life and the finish looks very nice and clean. No scratches. One very small chip at the very bottom of one corner. Really a time warp in terms of condition, which is why I picked them up. Sequential serial numbers. They are heavy and big. Can utilize a trusted courier service to get them as far as NJ/PA/EasternOH for a very reasonable rate (estimate $200-$250, but need to verify based on address). Can get them as far as Kentucky for about $300 in mid-October. Asking price $1,400, which I think is on the low-low end of this particular model with the AA crossover with one piece cabinets. But if I am reading that wrong, shoot me an offer if you want them and we can discuss.
  6. hey! sorry, just seeing your reply now. better to send a PM since i don't have notifications on for this site. (probably should change that) Anyway, Steve from Maine is the new owner. Congrats!
  7. Thanks for the comments. They do sound great. I've had KG4 in the past and these are way easier to listen to. Much better balance. For what it's worth, the serial numbers are not sequential, but close: ....181 and ....183
  8. The latest victim in the "honey, those don't match the new decor" discussion are these Klipsch KG5.5. Sonically they are great. I wanted to try out one of Klipsch's bigger compression loaded offerings, and the profile on these fits my space, but they have to go.Missing the floor spikes. A few marks to the veneer. A few pulls to the cloth. No show-stoppers. Come have a listen.$400 OBO.Trade options (+/- cash as appropriate): - Myst UK equipment like a tma3 integrated, or G-Ohm separates. - Wellard Research Studio Monitors
  9. This setup is too much table for me. Logic DM-101 fully manual table. Original grey painted MDF plinth is in very good shape. Some minor visual marks from 35 years of use. Suspension is compliant. I have thought about replacing the adjustment springs, but it's really not necessary. Spindle thrust bearing oil is clean and the platter spins freely. Motor holds speed at 33.1 RPM and 44.3 RPM according to my handy iPhone app. The belt is new and maybe the cap on the motor needs replacing to get fully up to speed. The dust cover is original, tinted, and in decent shape. Some swirling, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a 35 yr old table. Installed is a Fidelity Research FR-64fx tonearm. The tonearm is matte black and looks killer. Includes a Fidelity Research lightweight head shell. The tonearm lift shows signs of a very minor oil leak, I think an o-ring needs to be replaced, but it does still lift and drop the needle easily and smoothly. Also installed is a Koetsu Black alum body cart. This is a very highly regarded LOMC cart with a very delicate stylus. Stylus looks to be in good shape from the naked eye. Output should be around .35 to .4 volts. Everything tracks very well, even with challenging records. The motor is dead silent. The tonearm base sits under the table a little farther than the OEM feet do, so the table comes with four hard rubber isolation feet to lift it up an inch and a half and help the whole assembly sit at level. Offering the whole setup for $1000 with the above minor issues. I've seen the naked DM-101 without dust cover sell for as much, so this is about 1/3 to 1/2 what current eBay rates are. Willing to negotiate a little, but please be realistic for what you are getting. Shipping possible, local to Mass/NH preferred. The table with tonearm will weigh in at close to 40 lbs once packed THANKS
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