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  1. But how do you get the texture with regular paint? 🤔
  2. this is the original finish attch pic IMG_4435.HEIC
  3. Do you apply it with an air gun or roller, which method do you recommend?
  4. I maked test with duratex, but not is nothing similar the finished. thanks for your recommendation,
  5. I'm looking for the following capacitors to repair MCM-1900 crossovers. I would appreciate if someone has these parts or knows of the best option for replacement, I would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks for your time W41A1070E01 70 UF 100 60 HZ 90C AEROVOX W45A1013E21 13 UF 100V 60HZ 90C AEROVOX KKSF25030GQP1 30UF 250VAC 60HZ 70C CORNELL DUBLIER
  6. someone knows the type of texture used for finishing on industrial klipsch la scala? thank you for your advices
  7. yes I have the klipsch MCM Passive Crossovers type M-3B, Thanks friend!
  8. Hello audiophile friends, I have purchased a MCM-1900 3-way system, I would like your recommendations which is the best amplifier for its performance, thank you.
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