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  1. Well - I have both dampened with the new material, and new caps from JEM... I've moved them into the living room, and so far they are fantastic! Probably because these are mine, I like them better than the pair of my friend's that I updated (Crites B2 boards, and new tweeter diaphragms). I'll probably sell the KG5.5s now, since there's just no place else in the house they will fit.
  2. I got the first speaker done (the one with the mice damage), and tested... they sound the same to my (65-year-old) ears. It looks like the thickness is the same as the old material, I just didn't use the string. I also installed 5-way speaker binding posts. Just waiting on my caps from JEM, and then they can get moved into the living room!
  3. The seller gave me some bonded acoustical cotton panels from Acoustical Surfaces called the "Echo Eliminator" which look like will do the job. I'm going to carefully remove the old from the damaged cabinet, install this new material, and then do an A/B test before I do the same to the other non-damaged panel. I'll report back later!
  4. Thanks... I've been doing that all morning, and there are a ton of results with as many differing opinions. I'm considering Acoustical Cotton Batts (see pic).
  5. I picked up a pair of 1983 Cornwalls, and after opening them found that one of them had been scavenged by mice, probably for nest material. I've done a lot of searching here and on the web, and realize that the paper used is no longer available. What is the best course of action... re-line both with acoustic egg crate foam, polyfill, or is there another material I should consider? TIA, John Moore
  6. Oh, I don't think you need a sub with these... I also added 4" extensions to the ports... there's enough bass there!
  7. These are pretty much the Pro version of the Klipsch Chorus home speakers, and are in excellent condition. I've upgraded them with Bob Crites' crossover components, and titanium tweeter diaphragms. I've also built a pair of wood-framed cloth-covered grills, since I was using them mostly indoors and found the metal grills a bit too utilitarian looking. I also added caster wheels to make it easier to roll them outdoors. I really do love the sound of these, especially outdoors! Specs: The Klipsch Professional KP-301 is a compact, full-range loudspeaker system that is exceptionally accurate. Its high output, high power handling, low distortion and smooth frequency response make it an excellent choice for music playback, such as in DJ or karaoke applications, as well as for live sound applications as a touring or fixed install speaker. This three-way system features a 15-inch (380 mm) bass driver with a rigid, lacquer-dipped, rib-reinforced cone for extreme power handling. The midrange is handled by a 60° x 40° Tractrix® Horn coupled to a two-inch (50mm) titanium dome compression driver, with the high frequencies provided by a similar horn matched with a ferrofluid cooled, one-inch (25mm) polyetherimide dome compression driver. The KP-301 is equipped with a proprietary limiter device that automatically protects the high frequency driver from being overdriven. The KP-301 is built from selected furniture-grade, 3/4-inch void-free birch plywood with a 1-inch plywood motorboard. The finish is black road cloth with a black, powder-coated perforated metal grille. This is a portable model fitted with side positioned handles at the balance points and corner and edge protection. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50Hz - 20kHz±4dB (-10dB @ 39Hz) @ 3 meters, 1/2 space anechoic SENSITIVITY: 101dB @ 2.83V, 1 meter, 1/2 space anechoic POWER HANDLING: 400 watts (44.7V) CALC MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: 125dB COVERAGE ANGLE: 60° Horizontal x 40° Vertical DIRECTIVITY INDEX (DI): 9dB ±2dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms, 5 ohms minimum @ 230Hz TRANSDUCERS: One K-792-KP compression driver, one KP-66-E titanium compression driver and one 15" K-48-KP woofer CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 800Hz and 6kHz INPUT CONNECTIONS: Dual red/black five-way binding posts and dual locking Neutrik® D-shell 0.25" phone plugs DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 32.625" (82.9cm) x 20.825" (53cm) x 16.825" (42.9cm) WEIGHT: 82 lbs. (37.2kg) NOTE: I'd really rather not ship these, but am amenable to delivering them to Portland, Seattle, or Salt Lake areas for a small fee.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion... I've been looking for a pair of either, but they're not too plentiful out here in Boise, Idaho. I'm keeping my eye on e(vil)Bay in hopes of finding something affordable.
  9. Is the cabinet size identical to the home-use Heresy? I found a pair of H-DB-12s, and am wondering if I could mod those for PA use similar to the HIP. I'd like to repaint and add similar trim, as well as a stand cup on the bottom. TIA John Moore
  10. Which model of Tannoy? I'm looking for a passive PA speaker that would be good for small event spaces (800 - 1200 square feet). I have a pair of KP 301-IIs, but they're a bit of overkill for small spaces, (not to mention size/weight!). John
  11. I have a pair of KP 301-II's which I absolutely love, but they're large, heavy, and a bit of overkill for small venues (think 800 to 1200 square feet) so I'd like to use a smaller pair for smaller spaces. I have a pair of KG 2s, as well as a pair of KG 4s, that I'm considering using for passive PA speakers. The only drawback to using either of these is the rear-facing passive feature. I'd rather project that bass energy forward, especially when used as DJ speakers. Has anyone done this, or have any advice? I assume I would have to build new boxes in order to port them, but am not experienced in how to configure the design. TIA, John Moore
  12. I have a pair of KP-301 IIs that I'm using on our backyard patio, and would like to be able to leave them out during the milder months. I've done a search for protective "bags/covers" to no avail. I have access to an industrial sewing machine, so I could sew a pair of protective covers... anyone done this, and have a suggestion for the best weather-safe material? TIA John Moore
  13. Thanks! I did get it cleaned up enough to use, but the damage was also done to the plastic... I'm still looking for a replacement cup/input panel, but it's not that important (after all, they're the Pro model covered in black cloth- not the prettiest to begin with!).
  14. Thanks for da edjamaction... I'd fall into the category of "Wine length? I thought it was by the barrel... Never mind!" (Insert Emily Litella snort here).
  15. Okay... Someone's going to have to clue in the clueless NOOB here...
  16. I picked up a pair of KP-301 IIA's, and am putting in new caps from Crites... One of the input cups/panels has been rather badly repaired, so I'm in search of a new cup. Thought I'd share this...
  17. Hello, I'm looking for an input panel/cup for a KP model speaker. I have a pair of KP-301's, and one of the cups is badly mangled. I know that almost all of the KP line used the same cups, and that some of the cups from the KG series were the same size. Thanks, John Moore
  18. Randyh: I think it's not so much the attachment points, as it is the sonic character of the metal grills... if you tap them they ring. I built wood frames, and covered them with grill cloth... Much more better! DISCLAIMER: This is not the listening configuration! It's the storage config... They're waiting to roll out into the room when I'm doing the DJ thing for my wife.
  19. So, I picked up a gorgeous pair of KP-301 IIs from jstrid (thanks, again!)... But I was a bit unhappy with the sound in the listening room- they sound great in a large space, or outdoors, but I found them initially fatiguing. I also helped a friend buy a pair of Cornwall's from jstrid, and was falling in love with their sound (especially after installing Bob Crite's B2 crossovers & tweeter kits). I noticed that when I moved the 301's around the room the metal grills would "ring" when I set them down... Tonight I finally removed them & am thrilled with the change! I'll have to build frames for a set of cloth-covered grills soon, but for now- wow!
  20. It's a good thing I decided to add a Speakon connector to the 301's I just picked up... When I opened the first one I took a look at the crossover board and one of the coils was loose, so I pulled the board for inspection and found that not only was the coil loose, but it had a broken wire. The second board had a broken solder connection. It seems that someone decided not to add a zip-tie to one of the coils, figuring that the hot-glue would hold... d'oh! I drilled the board and hot-glued them again, and also added a zip-tie for safety. Oh, and of course I didn't think to take pics until now!! (Double d'oh!) John
  21. Does anyone have a list of the caps & resistors for the KP-301 IIC's? I've just picked up a pair (from Jstrid), and am sure I want to do the updates. I'm thinking I might wait on the titanium tweeter updates, since I already have a set in my KG-4s I could "borrow." TIA John Moore
  22. jimjimbo-thanks for the note. I just listed them yesterday on 4 sites as well as Craigslist, and I recognize that it will take some time for them to sell... I'm not really in a rush, mostly because they sound so nice (but how much time can I really spend in the garage alone?). I have so many other projects to work on right now, so they'll be fine where they are. I wish I could move them into the house, but I have such a narrow living room that they just won't fit & sound great.
  23. Prerich- thanks for the info, but I haven't wanted to do much more than dust them... if they're not moving because of the paint marks & scuffs I'll use Howard's Restor-A-Finish, which is what I use to restore vintage sewing machine cabinets.
  24. I've had these for 6 months... Here's some more pics, with closeups of the 3 areas that are nicked or scuffed: 34Y872: (This shows the paint marks on the top of the right side) 34Y873: (This shows the paint scuff as well as two thin 1/2" long scratches) (This shows the 3/8" long ding in the lower right front)
  25. Thanks for all the feedback... I'll take some better pics of the cabinets. I thought CWO was Cornwall Oak, so I'll update the info. I'm located in Catonsville, MD, and have had them for about 6 months. I don't have the right room in my home for them, so it doesn't make sense to keep them.
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