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  1. Just an update, I was finally able to get some power to these units, and found the receiver, and both speakers in perfect working order! Was amazed at the sound these speakers produce!
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I read the post linked above and came away with some great info. I visited a local vintage audio store but found much better info here! I am simply trying to sell the speakers, and was trying to gauge a good price as is. I'm told ebay is the best place to do so, but to be wary of some scamming.... I appreciate the info!
  3. Hello, I just joined this forum as I recently uncovered some Electrovoice speakers and am really wondering at what I found.... To make a long story short, I recently moved into a long abandoned, but recently renovated farm house in Upstate NY. On the property, sits a shed that has many items of interest. I moved in four months ago, but in trying to keep up with the property, daily life, etc. I just started digging into the shed. I always noticed large wooden items in the rear corner, but actually thought they were just dressers. Finally, since the weather cooled down a bit this week, I started digging some things out. I found these to be speakers, dusted them off to get some sort of marking, and set to the internet to get some info. I have one Patrician (very large, four feet plus and pretty heavy) and one Georgian that is also large. Both speakers are worn in a heavy usage way, not like they were mistreated. Not sure that makes sense, but basically I believe that these wouldn't require to much work to get back to gleaming. The wood has some worn spots, but no gouges, dents, large scratching or missing pieces. Knobs are worn. Cabinet itself is obviously very well made. Attached to the Patrician was a 2 way Harmon Kardon 430 receiver. Outside of a couple surface rust type spots, the unit is in very good condition. To be honest, I have no clue how to even test these units, but I know they are pretty hard to find and can really vary in cost/worth. Although a big music lover myself, I personally have no use for these and am trying to clear the barn out to store some other large items before winter. I have posted in the garage sale section, but am really not certain what I should ask. Any information is really appreciated, I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you.
  4. Good Afternoon, Edited this classified. Up for sale are two EV speakers, one Georgian and One Patrician. Included, I have a Harmon Kardon 430 Two Way Receiver. I have only moved the speakers around to get some better photos, so please reach out and I will send if interested. Units are heavily used, no major damage, but will take some refurbishing to bring back to new condition. There are zero major gouges in the factory cabinets, just heavy use. Knobs are worn, will need replacing. I just tested the units and everything (including receiver) are in perfect working order, and sound amazing!! (have video if needed!), I am selling them as is, with the receiver included. I am looking to get $4000 for everything, but am open to good offers. These units are located in Pittsford, NY, zip 14534, and would need to be picked up, as shipping is darn near impossible (however if buyer wants to set this up I can handle getting them ready) Thank you!
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