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    Sub for RF35's

    Ok scrappydue, maybe I shouldn't say way past. In the interest of fairness... I will bring a db meter home this week and see what it reads. I have no problem proving it or shutting my mouth.
  2. robhifi

    Sub for RF35's

    Kinda of a late response, but I have a pair of RF-3 towers paired with a diy subwoofer, and absolutely love the results. My setup is an Alpine Type R 15" (SWR-1522d) and a dayton SPA-1000 950watt amplifier. Setup was about $550 (if you find a deal on the woofer online) +cost of mdf. Output response is very flat, sails way past 120db, and completely has its way with my 19x14 listening space. The apline woofer sounds fantastic, and since it cools so well, it can be played near the limit for extended periods without breaking a sweat. Originally I had used the Dayton RSS-390HO, it too performed pretty well, but the the coil wasn't up to the task apparently. The setup blends seamlessly into the system with the RF-3.
  3. robhifi

    Sub for RF35's

    Double post... oops, see below
  4. Thanks for sharing! Quick question, what is the DC resistance for the 1.0 mH inductor on the tweeter side? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I've done the crossover component upgrade and the dampening mod for the horn as well, and am very happy with them. I still think the complete crossover upgrade is gonna be where its at if it can deliver on removing the higher frequencies from the woofers. A set of RF-7s would be amazing... I'd love to play with a set of those.
  6. Dear diary... jackpot! Thanks for the clarification, do you have a schematic of your crossover? Are you still working on the tweeter attenuation, or is this going to be the final design? Based on the measurements you'very provided I'd be interested in building a pair of these as well. This seems like it has some serious potential! Wish I had the equipment for these measurements... maybe Santa
  7. Thanks Robert, that's the plot i was referring to!!! I couldn't find the other thread i saw that you had posted it in... this is what made me want to try to do the notch filter. Even Though i just did the simple cap and resistor upgrade, i would still love to try this! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these boards were to work on... it was definitely nice soldering on a single layer PCB for once! What did you use to build your filter? Also, what would i be looking at for the modification on the tweeter? My only issue is the huge dip between 80-150 Hz in the response plot... why is there such a drastic drop? Thanks again, Rob
  8. Yeah i'll definitely be doing the resistor as well!
  9. I suppose i should just slow down and see how this capacitor and resistor upgrade changes the sound before getting too wrapped up in a second project already. This will be the first time i've used any dayton capacitors, but i'm actually a fan of Dayton Audio, in fact i built my subwoofer around their 15" Ultimax driver... pretty good stuff. I'm having some trouble finding the plot that i had mentioned, but it may very well have been a model rather than the actual response. I'll have to take another gander I'm pretty excited though, the new crossover components will be here Friday! I should probably upgrade the caps and resistor in the center channel too (RC-3). I can't find a schematic for that model, so i'll just have to open it up to see what i need... not a big deal.
  10. Thanks Dave! After flipping through the various threads here on the forum, i knew this would definitely be the right place for these types of questions, as there seems to be a lot of very knowledgeable people here. I know the electrical theory behind the basic operation of the circuits and could design one that works... but as we all know, one that works on paper and one that sounds good are two VERY different things! Crossovers are like black magic... so i'd rather pick some brains before i just jump into doing something crazy haha. I know its "just a pair of RF-3s" but it'll be a good learning experiment, and i think the speakers actually have quite a bit of potential for not a lot of money. I also don't think the girlfriend would've been as understanding of me jumping right into a pair of k-horns or la scalas (neither would my wallet). I figure if i'm going to do experimenting, lets start out on a not several thousand dollar pair Thanks again in advance to everyone for any insight into this project!
  11. Yeah, ive definitely got a copy of the schematic I think the L-Pad would be handy, but i was thinking more along the lines of doing a filter for the woofer section. During a little searching here on the subject, I found an output graph showing that even though the crossover point was around 2khz, there was still a significant range of higher frequency passing through to the woofer, taking it all the way up over 4khz if I remember correctly. Based on the graph it seems likely that it could be the source of the "fatiguing" quality of the speakers. If so, this seems like it would be fairly easy to fix with a filter... but what would adding a circuit like this do to the overall circuit impedance?
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