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  1. When testing the k77 tweeter, what should the ohm reading be to have a passing grade?
  2. I have had my chinese el34 amp for maybe 14yrs now and never tried kt77 tubes in it. What a positive different. Cant believe how much more open and realistic the music is with much more bottom end and this is in comparison to the EH fatbottles i used to use. If you havent tried jj kt77 you should. You just might like them. I bias them hot at .450mv.
  3. The st70 looks simular to my chinese amp im using now. They have plenty of power. I can get 126db peaks in my living room with bass heavy music with this Audcom. Im just looking for an easy listening amp like this Douk 13/18w kt88. Like to listen at 80/100db at 12' back.
  4. ok, ill have to take a look at bob's amp's. thanks
  5. ok, not sure on the design. temped to buy it thou.
  6. that's what I was thinking. do you think it would drive the cornwalls hard enough, like 100db listening?
  7. I found the receipt for my sony c333es the other day. I for got that it was modded when I bought it. paid $900 for it. ouch! I totally forgot. any idea what its worth today, like new cond.
  8. I think that was the changer with no remote. I'm watching one brand new in the box. if it stays under $200 ill bid.
  9. Hi, anyone have any experience with these Douk chineese amps? sexy little thing. The reviews iv read are really good. My Audcom chineese tube amp that was modded by Craig/nosvalves has been a great amp and quite a thumper at 30w/70w total with my cornwalls. just thought I would ask here about the Douk amps for good or bad reviews. thanks
  10. I found a denon 3700 changer at pawn shop. think ill pass on that as I have also found a Yamaha cdc600bl, which I am going to bid on. I really like all the reviews on the Yamaha changer. thanks for the heads up on that.
  11. Those look real good. May go that way. I see the yamaha has a higher s/n ratio.
  12. yeah I understand. will be rolling the dice on a used player for sure, but I have too many hobbies and wont spend the $1200 for a new one. my sony c333es was used when I bought it. been 14-15yrs now and still going, just not totally happy with the sonics out of that player. It doesn't sound like a piece of junk by no means, but just not exactly what I'm looking for.
  13. yes, I just need it for 2 channel listening. the Marantz reviews have been very good on these two players.
  14. Ok. Im really looking at the marantz again. Sa8004 sa8005.
  15. Thanks again for all the info. I need to hit a couple stereo shops and pawn shop this week. I will keep an eye out for the oppo, marantz, yamaha and denon models.
  16. Ok thanks. I really like the looks of the yamaha s1000, but from what im hearing the oppo is the way to go for top shelf sonics.
  17. Ok. Thank you for that. Looks like oppo is single disc only? No changers?
  18. know anything about the Denon DVM 3700? audiophile range? can anyone tell me if the single players are better sonically than the changers? any difference here?
  19. Ok so Denon is a contender as well. Any new stuff from Denon any good? Models?
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