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  1. Howard's Restore a finish is not a finish and it is NOT an option for you. Forget about it. Howard's Feed N' Wax is oil and beeswax and has very little added protection. It will also attract dust and require repeated applications. I found Watco rejuvenating oil to be darkening, it is kind of reddish brown, all be it without the stain added to the rest of their line. Watco rejuvenating oil is not Danish oil because it does not contain varnish. The good thing about oil and wax is you can remove it without abrasives or strippers. The bad thing about Danish oil is that it has varnish which is hardening and sealing which with enough coats can be much more difficult to remove. Another point to be made here is stain will not penetrate a sealed surface.
    In that case. The oil in Danish oil will feed the wood but the stain will stay on top for me to wipe off no? Repeated applications of Danish oil gives protection?
    My local home depot doesn't have much outside of Howard's and watco stuff. Theres a rockler 45 min away that has more options but im not in the mood. Dont know where else

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  2. Oil over oil. What can go wrong? Howard's is a good product, but not for your application. Totally different product and use, unless you have a lacquer finish. You don't.

    So Danish oil followed by Howard's feed n wax and buffer and im good to go! Thanks! [emoji4] I'm asking myself how important it is to get them installed and playing music because I wonder how much effort I have in me to sand off the finish and get it nice and clean and raw veneer and just apply a satin laquer finish for a more natural look. I know cherry darkens over time so I probably wouldn't get what I'd expect like the new klipsch cherry veneer options.


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  3. I appreciate the lengthy and detailed post. What I think ill do is apply Danish oil with #0000 steel wool. Maybe 2 applications? Wipe off all excess oil and wait for a few days and then apply a wax finish.

    Howard's restore a finish is an option. Will it work before or after Danish oil?

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  4. Congrats! If I had to pick, that'd be the color. Old English lemon oil is a good place to start. Pics when you can, please!
    I love only walnut and I've never found any vintage klipch in walnut. Not complaining. The cherry and oak they do on today's new speakers are gorgeous veneer. The vintage red cherry with barely any wood grain and patterns isn't my that attractive to me but its all about the sound in the end!

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  5. 10 minutes ago, 314carpenter said:

    o the exact point Maximus89 made above, a timber matched and cosmetically designed center channel and subwoofer would only add to sales without cannibalizing the existing Klipsch Heritage lines. I think it is well past due that Klipsch take their extremely financially safe and passive approach to preserving the Heritage lines as 2 channel specialist and expand to 3.1. at a minimum. At least this one time. I really feel they owe us this one. 20,000 units each to start. What say you "keepers of the sound"?

    According to history, both the Cornwall and Heresy started out as center speakers, so...a heritage center isn't taboo at all to the heritage prestige. Just needs to be horizontal for the modern home.

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  6. On 2/1/2021 at 4:25 PM, Stubb said:

    Are upgrade kits something that's been offered in the past?

    Yes. Heresy II to Heresy III upgrade kit. Not sure how long that was offered. 

    I feel the III to IV upgrade kit is 100% necessary. I remember there were a lot of bummed out new CW III owners as soon as the IV was introduced. That's a lot of money spent only to be told your new expensive speaker is now obsolete.  Same thing now with new FIII owners, but the FIII owners have a real possibility to make the move up via upgrade kit. I believe Klipsch is the kind of company who will do it for their customers, but maybe not announce it and only forum members will really know about it. My guess anyway.

  7. On 2/1/2021 at 4:33 PM, moray james said:

    I would rather listen to the Kapton diaphragm than the ti one and there are plenty of folks who have issues with the ti resonance (thought it dose not really bother me but given the choice I would prefer aluminum over titanium). A larger mid diaphragm would be a good way to lower distortion. Ah well that's what DIY is for.

    My ear was very sensitive to that tweeter. I don't remember what frequency it was, but my ear would  instantly perk or twinge when the freq. played. Got super annoying. I remember 1 other guy who mentioned it and made his III's a 2  way because of it

  8. Throw in another suggestion for the RC-7. If the copper driver mismatched color bothers you, i'm sure there's suitable drop in black 8" drivers. I had an RC-7 that i dropped the drivers from-i forget the RF-7 II's little brother name.

    Got another one for you. If you don't mind a short floor stander, a kg 3.2. Drop in the tweeter from the Forte III. 

    If Klipsch offers parts upgrade kit to Forte IV, you'll have tons of options and possibilities for a timbre matched center with your spare Forte III parts. 


  9. The K70 G has been used in 2 way pro speakers soooo you could also find a KV4 with the same mid horn as the Forte III minus the mumps and you can screw on the k70g compression driver and you got a timbre match, though you'd have to look at the measurements. I personally did this. I had a single Forte III, took the horn with mumps and k70g and dropped it into the KV4(no photos sorry) and it worked for me, but i don't have golden ears and i had it set up with Chorus II's that had Ti diaphragms for the tweeter and mids, not Forte III.

  10. 8 hours ago, dwilawyer said:


    You have a lot of company in that regard, and more than a few were asking about a Chorus III in the Listening Lounge today. 


    My understanding on why the Chorus got overlooked is how and where it would fit in the current line up, or rather, that it doesn't currently fit in terms of price, size, specs. Where did the Chorus II fit back in the day? Above what, below what? 



    The KG, Quartet-Forte-Chorus and Legendary KLF and Epic lines all had their baby, middle brother, big brother and timbre matching center.  I can't imagine that was good business, but it was great for all of us.  These days, with the Forte's entrance into the Heritage lineup, there's no room for a Chorus with the Cornwall IV and there's no room for a Quartet with the Heresy IV. What would sell however, imo, is a heritage matched Center speaker and subwoofer :) The center can now be timbre matched to the HIV, CWIV and now Forte IV so it makes a lot of sense imo. IIRC, there was already a heritage sub in the works that never came to fruition? 

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  11. [mention=58629]Chief bonehead[/mention]   announced that  Part number   #  1067961  is the  Factory replacement woofer  for  the  K-31 - 
    Right but the Cf4 is a k30 neodymium magnet. Is a k31 the same minus the magnet material?

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  12. 59 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

      Klipsch  Part  #  1067961----available from klipsch Parts -   1 Part Number fits  3 series of Klipsch speakers -Jubilee 2020-  KLF-30  -  EPIC CF-4 

    Is the CF-4 fit just going by the fact that that its been done by mere mortals like us or has Roy come out and said its a suitable replacement? 

    Just curious if its just a physical drop in replacement, or it specs similarly to the original

  13. 1 minute ago, RandyH000 said:

     there are 2   Jubilee speakers -  the 2020    ( older Jubilee )  used  twin 12 inch woofers , so the K31 --- the newer  12 inch woofer that replaced the K31 was used as of 2020  -  that new part number fits the 2020 Jubilee - the KLF-30  and the Epic CF-4 -


    as far as the new Jubilee 2021 with a single woofer , I have no idea whether it uses a 12-15- or 18 inch driver ---since the specs sheet has not yet been published -




    AH. Makes sense.  So at least now there's an in production woofer that could fit the KLF-30 and CF-4 with parts being rare to find and nearly impossible to find the CF4 woofers. Not a perfect match for CF-4, but close enough and Klipsch made. Many would be more comfortable with that than using non Klipsch parts.

  14. 10 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    Klipsch recently made a newer , ameliorated  version of the K31 ---the woofers are used in the Pro and the Consumer  15k$   Jubilee 2020  ----- that  newer  klipsch  woofer option  can also  be used ,   to the same degree as the CIARE   in the CF-4 since it fits  the KLF-30 -  

    I know the KLF 30 woofers were used in the original Jubilee, duals in the folded horn, but i'm not sure i understand what you're saying. The new 2021 Jubilee that's just recently been introduced, with the ports in the folded horn and uses a single driver, is the updated K31? It only uses a single 12?

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  15. 1 minute ago, RandyH000 said:

    the   K -30-KN  are simply unbeatable --

    They're amazing. Although to be fair to the Ciare, we might hear them better on the cf-4 with the way they're configured in 2 way and more vocal range being played with the woofers. Again, correct me if i am wrong. They'd be playing their lowest frequency up to i think 1.5khz and the tweeter comes in, but they sound like 1 driver which i love

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  16. 41 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    the CF-4 ------sounds amazing , which Woofers------do you have  in the CF-4 ?

    I thought so too even with the phone recording. He's got the stock woofers on the cf-4 in the 1st video vs the ciare on the klf 30s in the 2nd video. 

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