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  1. So you think a nice isolation platform would solve the issue? I was thinking about getting a wall mount and putting the isolation platform on that too. Thoughts?
  2. healyc139

    What I Got Today!

    I got yelled at by unreasonable hotel guests.. i work in a hotel. First mistake
  3. DTR20 - yes the turntable is right next to the speakers actually. Would messing around with the controls on my subwoofer be helpful? Moray James - Ya neither of my amps have that, I believe. is that something I can buy?
  4. Hello all, I recently got a set of Forte's and I love them already. They sound great, but I plan to get the Crite's upgrades soon. I've noticed an issue with the front and passive woofers though.. When I turn the volume up too high (higher than I usually play them) the woofers begin to kind of lose control and become very distorted, they start to shake violently and the only way to stop it is to turn the volume back down. This only happens with vinyl also, not with CDs. The needle/cartridge on my turntable are only about 7mo/1.5years old, respectively. Anybody else experience this or know how I might go about fixing this? This is my first post on here btw, many forums have been helpful to me in the past. I couldn't find a post with this specific problem so I decided I would post it myself. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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