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  1. Why? After listening to them I don't think I'll make any modifications. They sound fantastic as they are.
  2. I received the speakers. They sound great but may get a titanium diaphragm upgrade from Bob Crites. The backs cannot be removed. Cabinet is plywood. I believe they are early model Cornwall II's. They are also in absolutely fantastic condition. Previous owner really took care of them as the veneer and cabinet in general look furniture grade throughout. I'm attaching some photos.
  3. I was told these were built in February of 1985. Definitely Cornwall II's as you can see in the attachment. I'm receiving on Wednesday and can't wait. Already have new terminated speaker cable so I'll be ready to go. Thanks all!
  4. Here is the label on the back. Best I can do until I receive next week. Thanks everyone for your feedback.
  5. I'll have them in a week just as I'm returning from a conference in Milwaukee. Perfect welcome home gift to me!
  6. My buddy sent me a picture of the binding posts and It indicates Cornwall II. He also said they were solid plywood. I'll have them in a week and can investigate further. He has been looking for speakers and the owner let him hear them and he relayed his Impressions. He basically said if we weren't friends he would keep them himself. He was really impressed with the sound and he had just heard a pair of PMC twenty 23's which are fabulous speakers.
  7. I'm definitely getting them. According to your timeline these are Cornwall 1's. The guy I spoke with from Klipsch told me the first two digits of the serial number denotes the year they were produced. I gave him the number and he said they were built in February of 1985. He also said the CII-BR on the back panel tag indicated crossover model and the BR stood for birch raw. I haven't seen these yet and have a friend in Atlanta picking them up for me, but the owner indicated this was a plywood model. I have had Totem speakers in the past but didn't get the same exhilaration I got from vintage speakers of my youth. I'll be running a Blue Circle DAR integrated to power them. Tube preamp stage/solid state output.
  8. I thought so. The interesting thing is I was told this by someone at Klipsch. He also said they didn't begin construction on the Cornwall II until 1986. The serial number on the back of the speakers is 8561841. Sorry to be contradictory. Just trying to figure out exactly what I'm buying.
  9. New to the forum and I am about to buy a pair of 1985 Klipsch Cornwalls and had a couple of questions. 1) Is 1985 the last production year of the Cornwall I? 2) What does the CII-BR indicate. I was told the BR indicates birch raw and the CII indicates the crossover type. Is this correct? Thanks, Steve G
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