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  1. I'm a newb on these boards, but have owned various Klipsch products since 1990. Don't limit yourself to just the "Heritage" models, forte/chorus I and IIs are fantastic speakers (refered to as Extended Heritage.) If you equally weigh in size, sound and price, you'd do well with fortes or choruses. Fortes take up half the space of a CW and still manage to provide the Klipsch sound with fantastic range (just less detail and presence in the bottom.) Still, keep first dibs on the CWs as long as you have the space.
  2. New Crites B Crossovers and C120 Tweets installed last night. Both woofers rotated 90 degrees- from the leads at 9:00 to the leads at 12:00 (not sure if that was how they were mounted from the factory or if the previous owner turned them- if so, he turned both of them.) I ran a CW left and forte II right briefly to compare the two (not ideal with different sensitivities, but good enough for a short test.) Thoughts and observations . . . 1. CWs bottom is simply more full and detailed- fortes seem to hit all the bottom peaks but lack the detail or presence in between the peaks. 2. fortes showed better mid projection and detail- but not by a huge difference- but audible at matching power. 3. CWs with the 120 upgrade sound magical up high. My fortes with stock diaphragms held their own, but just weren't as crisp or detailed. Titanium for the fortes is next. Beyond the two channel test, I moved my fortes to the side positions in my 7.1 and did some quick leveling (previously kg3.2s) and WOW- two channel into 7 channel stereo sounded amazing! Of course that brought in the rest of my speakers to the fight - (2)KG2.2s Center - (1) HSU ULS-15 Sub - (2) Boston Acoustic In-walls Rear. I'm contemplating swapping in my now unused KG3.2s for Centers. I could then get the wall mount brackets and hang my 2.2s as rears. I kicked around moving the fortes to the center position, but I just don't have room. Other plans, ideas, questions for another thread in another forum, I digress . . . Regardless, simply replacing the 3.2s with the fortes at the side (and the new/old CWs up front) upgraded the detail and range several fold. Quantum of Solace is on my list for this weekend. I tested with a lot of material, but if you get a chance . . . spin up "One Caress" by Depeche Mode off of Songs of Faith and Devotion- great track for testing, lots of range and detail across the mix. Thanks to everyone for their help. I was pretty bummed my purchase of the CWs was going to require additional work and investment, but it's been totally worth it. For reference- total price speakers/upgrades- $1000. Could have saved about $150 if I'd have just done new caps instead of an entirely new board from Bob.
  3. My CW tweets and new crossover just arrived!!! Install tonight, can't wait. As for the bottom end, I agree and I can speak to this as a little, I just A/B'd forte IIs and Cornwall Is. On paper, the forte IIs hit a lower bottom, to my ear, the Cornwalls have better, fuller, bottom range and detail. The difference isn't subtle either, it is pronounced. I never thought my forte IIs were missing anything (in a substantial way) down low until hearing the CWs. The difference in design, driver and size is obvious at matching power levels in regards to the bass. Not only did I A/B them, I ran them paired right/left. Now that my new crossovers and C120s have arrived, I'm interested in hearing the differences between the mids and highs. The highs and mids of the fortes have always impressed me (even without Crites titanium tweeter domes.) So pumped for that session tonight.
  4. Order is in with Bob, new B crossover network/board, C120 tweets to replace the K77Ms, all shipping today. I spoke with Bob, which to a Klipsch fan like me, was really a treat, if that makes sense. Having never modified or needed to replace any parts on any of my Klipsch speakers (Forte2, 3.2, 2.2, SW10) Bob assured me I was heading down the right path with my purchase and my CWs. Shipment should arrive Friday!!!! -- Bob also mentioned I shouldn't wait for my Forte2 tweeter diaphragms to give up before upgrading to his much better sounding titaniums.
  5. No joy through multimeter, opened up tweeters, in both the fine wire leads which connect the diaphragms to the plastic housings were broken. Damn those leads are fine. Either from heat or being brittle, I can see why they let go at some point during 36 years. So . . . I'll be calling Bob tomorrow to discuss replacements - 120/125 and crossover kit.
  6. I noticed that too when I open up the box. The woofer lead looked really snug, but has just a small bit of slack keeping it from being tight. I haven't opened the other speaker yet to compare. Is that woofer lead normally very slack? As for the k77M diaphragms, my only choice appears to be simply speakers $18ea variety which few around these parts recommend. I had practically sold myself on the idea of swapping to Crites C125s, but I've read some found them to have better range than the k77 but with less output- leaving the highs less alive or present. The ALK eng K77 replacement option looks interesting, but more expensive. I'm convinced a crossover rebuild kit is just a good investment at this point as well. Anyone want to chime in about their experience with the C125s or the ALK eng tweeter alternatives? I've already read another comparo elsewhere in the forums.
  7. Thanks to all. That indeed is a fender telecaster. If I do indeed need diaphragms, I can't tell from BCrites website if they are available or not. There is mention of titanium diaphragms with the CWIIs listed on the Pricing-Other page, but I'm not sure it that is a typo. I do see that BC makes the C125 tweeters as replacements for the whole k77M unit.
  8. Ok, thanks for the prompt replies. Step 1 . . . No sound from either tweet. Step 2 . . . Locate a multimeter. Can't believe I missed this when demoing them. Oh well, I needed a project- and damn are they going to sound nice. I checked out Crites site. If indeed I just need new diaphragms- are the titanium ones listed ($54) for the CWII the one for the 77M (square magnet)? I'm guessing so.
  9. I just came into a one owner pair of 1980 Cornwall (C model on the label with the original instruction sheets which call them Cornwall II) speakers in VGC. I demo'd the speakers very briefly, and all sounded well enough given the cheap receiver and room/spacing for the prepurchase test. I bought them, pulled a muscle or two loading/unloading, etc. Installed side by side my with Forte IIs. A/B tests having me wondering if the CWs have an issue. CWs definately have a fuller and wider bottom. Mids seem fine although less defined (colorful?) than the fortes, and finally the highs are lacking across the range and only manage to project if the speaker is aimed almost directly at me and even then, high hats and ride cymbals are almost non-existent out of the CWs. All strings are much more pronounced in the Forte IIs with better definition. I've always found the Forte IIs colorful, but the difference is too big to not be an issue. Where to start? Capacitors? Diaphragms? Something else??
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