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    Writing books, I encourage our youth to read more, and I'm a school custodian for the last 29 years at an Elementary Level. Pr-k to 5th grade.

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    I'm rebuilding, slowly from a SAE Mark 5 pre amp. Kenwood KM-206 amp moved up to a Geringer NU6000 amp.
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  1. I need.... I hate this saying. I have two awesome Concert series S4115H speakers, Replaced 15" woofers with, PA3808 15" Pro Woofer 8 Ohms. and a cheap tweeter. Cheap and sounded good for it's time. I used a Yamaha Km-206 amp, a SAE Mark 5 pre amp. These speakers rocked my house. Thank you neighbors. It wasn't loud enough-Oops, added a Beringer Nu 6000 amp, at 1500 watts into 8 Ohms. Blew horns rated at 300 watts RMS. Do you sell replacements that can handle this. Thank you william_sawyers@yahoo.com Thank you from a children author of Concord Ca. William Sawyers
  2. These were awesome speakers, they are... Yamaha model s4115H, hard to find
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