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  1. It was great meeting your wife and you Mike. They are definitely a better fit for your room. The old girls will serve you well!
  2. Please welcome Vlentudia to the forum and the wonderful world of Klipsch! He's now the proud new owner of a pair of Lascala's that have given me many years of enjoyment.
  3. I might add that the cabinets are un-molested and have all of the stock drivers and horns as originally issued.
  4. St George is 6 hours from L.A. and 1 1/5 hours from Vegas.
  5. Yes you did, my mistake. St George, UT added to the original post.
  6. No, I'm using the bass bin only with the Trachorns and tweeters on top.
  7. I have a pair of Lascala speakers that include all of the factory issued drivers and horns. Also included are a pair of Dean G Alk Jr. crossovers, Trachorns for stock drivers, and APT (Eminence) tweeters(very very similar to Crites tweeters) with lenses. These are in very good shape with the appropriate " small dings for age". Must pick up due to size, and I'd rather have you hear them to appreciate them. Must sell due to downsizing. $1200 Location is St. George, UT
  8. A lot of 90's vinyl is spendy as hell. They didn't produce very much at all, due to low demand.
  9. I've been following this thread since it's inception. I haven't posted here in ages, and my answer is...................No, analog isn't dead, but it's in ICU. That said, it doesn't mean it's worse or better than Digital, but I listen to analog 99.9% of the time, so it's better too me. Obligatory integral formula so people know I mean business
  10. Lenco's are great when installed in a high mass plinth. Is yours slate? If it is, congratulations! If it isn't, still congratulations, they're very nice and have a great dynamic punch to them.
  11. I use an Avid Diva II SP with an Jico SAS MM1 cartridge which makes me very happy.
  12. I just bought a vinyl album of Todd Rundgren's "Something/Anything"
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