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  1. Indeed it is! Total beast. I would like to keep it, but I never use it and I need the money more!
  2. SOLD —- Sounds GREAT with big Klipsch - and most anything else. Have kept this unit as a "backup" for a long time, but it is WAY too nice for that. Don't use it since switching to separates. Nice condition w/box, remote, etc. $1090 plus actual shipping from 60564.
  3. Selling my Cary SLP-03 tube preamp. Has recently-added new tubes (Gold Lions) and was recently serviced at a cost of $350 to correct a hum in one channel. Currently holds a warranty from the shop through late January, which will transfer to the new owner. Comes with original packaging, original remote, etc. Some light scratches, but overall fine condition. The volume down button on the remote is sometimes a little slow, so I bought a new Cary-branded remote as a backup for the new owner (cost me $50), which will also be included. Price: $990 plus actual shipping & insurance from zip 60564.
  4. Howdy all! My boys have gotten to the age of breaking things...so I need to put the grills on my Cornscalas. I have the fabric: https://critesspeakers.com/speaker_fabric.html ... Now the job must be done. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who can do this for me? My zip is 60564, west burbs. Can I easily do it myself? I seem to recall that there was an art to it without sagging. Also, any ideas, points, or process tips I should know about how to attach the grills to the speaker - velcro, magnets, etc.? I am looking for the "easy button"! Thank you!
  5. Hello all. Due to my room layout and other logistical concerns, I likely need about 20' interconnects (single ended) between my preamp and my amps. I know there can be negative impacts on the sound with interconnect runs this length...what cables would you recommend? In the past, I have used BJC subwoofer interconnects. Is there a better (but also affordable) option? Is there some other solution I am missing? Also, for reasons of avoiding ground loop hum, I need equally long (~20') power cables for my amps to plug into the same power conditioner the rest of my gear is plugged into...any suggestions there? I presume shielding would be important, what else? Thank you for the help!
  6. It has been recommended a few times over the years on some of the audio forums but hasn’t been formally reviewed that I’ve seen. Some of the reviews on the maker’s website clinched it for me. The gent that makes them has a power amp that was well reviewed in Stereophile, compared favorably to Pass Labs and PrimaLuna (it was in the “B” class for Stereophile’s recommended components this year). The preamp looks to be the best value out there, if you want all the old fashioned controls in a new unit without spending several times the price. Perhaps the buzz starts here?
  7. Ended up getting one of these: https://www.akitika.com/PR102.html
  8. My main music amps are VRD monoblocks. I also use a McIntosh MC2105. But, in the spirit of convenience and room layout I am going to try out a cheap pair of chip amps (TPA3255 mono amps) in its place to compare the sound.
  9. Sound quality is important, of course.
  10. Required: a remote Important: multiple outs Nice to haves: tape loop, tone control, phono stage, mono button Max $600. This is meant to be my backup unit. Will consider something more expensive if it is really special; my main preamp is broken right now anyway, so I might just have it fixed and sell it if I prefer the replacement! Thank you! --- EDIT: FOUND ONE. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
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