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  1. Howdy, all. Putting feelers out to see if anyone is selling NOS Valves VRD monoblocks ... message me if you have a pair to sell! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for pointing this out! I would put the price of those units in the category of “delusional.” 😀
  3. Please message me if you have one to sell...thank you!
  4. Can’t get ahold of @jimjimbo ... anyone else got one of these?
  5. Howdy all! I am having trouble finding the preamp I want (a Mcintosh C2500 or C2300, message me if you want to sell one!!), but I still have an upgrade itch to scratch. What do you suggest? The problems I’d like to solve eventually - 1) Hum. I occasionally have low-level hum (especially when I roll tube amps in) and it drives me crazy. Is there a gear-related fix for this like a new power conditioner? 2) The sound overall can sometime be a little brash. I sit pretty close to the speakers (9’ or so) so I am sure that doesn’t help. 3) Low bass is underwhelming (I am almost certain this is the room and will try to rearrange, also try to sit further back) 4) Imaging is OK, not pinpoint (I had some smaller multidriver speakers a few years ago and the imaging was much better for sure) - I really like the sensation of being able to tell where an instrument is placed - and that it has a consistent size... Here is my current system - •Crites Cornscala Type D’s (the two way) •5’ Acer Silverworm for speaker cable (link, not audiophile cable, was hoping the silver plating and short length would help offset the amp’s low damping factor) •McIntosh MC2105 for power amp •13’ Blue Jeans Cable “subwoofer” interconnects •Cary SLP 03 preamp, currently with vintage Sylvania 12AU7s that might be a touch microphonic •Various inexpensive interconnects to sources (monoprice, Etc) •Turntable is a Lenco L75 on a giant plinth with a Jelco 850L tonearm •Phono Cartridge is a Nagaoka MP110 •Phono preamp is an Aragon 47K MM/MC •DAC is a Rega DAC-R •CD transport/SACD player is an old Pioneer DV-79AVI •Power Conditioner is a Furman PL-8C (an inexpensive model) •Record cleaner is a Record Doctor that I never use because it’s too bloody loud and manual! What I really want is a new preamp, but now I am thinking of upgrading the speaker cables, the power conditioner (if that might help with hum?), getting a new record cleaner that I’ll actually use (one of those sonic ones that can do batches of records?), some new preamp tubes, or some interconnects...was also toying with the idea of a new or secondary tube power amp or maybe a Schitt Aegir...what do you think? Thank you!
  6. Howdy! Please message me if you have one of these to sell. Thank you!
  7. I am still interested in the question from the OP! I have a pair of Cornscala Ds...but want them nicely veneered/etc - and am thinking about placing them differently in the room - and I wonder if just stepping up to the Cornwall IVs would be better... Anybody who’s heard and/or lived with both?
  8. What blows my mind is the guy clearly knows something (lists parts, compares to specific models, etc) - but then makes these highly dubious claims. Why would an audio enthusiast try to scam another audio enthusiast based on poor information to on? Seems like a very odd choice. This isn’t a straight scam, it’s just a bizarre set of exaggerations...
  9. Excuse my ignorance, but I ran across a listing on Craigslist and I am very curious what members of the forum think of it...the claims seem a little unbelievable: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/ele/d/lake-forest-custom-pro-built-klipsch/7054606285.html My basic question - the seller claims these were designed to “compete” with Klipschorns. But I thought the larger horn of the Klipschorn would basically make a Cornwall-esque design like this one objectively inferior, no matter what quality of parts are used. Is it actually possible to make a design like this comparable to K-horns in distortion, quality of bass, etc?
  10. Chiliarches


    This is the Jurgencir guy again.
  11. Howdy, all. I picked up a Chinese FTLYS EL34 SET amp and I am really enjoying experimenting with it on my Cornwall 1.5s. It sounds nice - airy and with a nice soundstage. I am honestly shocked at what I got for $260 with free shipping from Amazon Prime! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07MD74G92?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The amp came with stock tubes that were branded FTLYS...unsure who made them. I would like to role some tubes to give it a richer, “plummier” quality, with more bass / tonal weight / bass slam. The tone is a bit too light/glassy for the kind of music I listen to at the volumes I listen to it. What would you suggest? I understand the amp has limitations due to the design, but I have heard amps of comparable wattage with much more “richness”, so know it’s not just a matter of power. It’s a $250 amp, so not looking for $300 tubes, looking for a “value” suggestion... Thank you!!!
  12. Wow, never heard of this. The DSP thing kind of blows my mind...is it really that good?!?
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