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  1. Thanks your a good person!
  2. Sure what wouldn’t you want for it ?
  3. I looked up Blue Jean cables and also Jensen They both look good . I know the Jensen is more in cost but I just might go for the Jensen I was going to order but will still shop around a bit more .
  4. Thanks yes understand that but everything can help . I also ordered some ground loop insulators one for the cable two for my subs .
  5. Noise ? I trying to get rid of noise from the Sub . i believe I have a ground loop or the cable that Comes with the Sub is not that great even with the cost of the Sub. so I want to try another power cord . I found a good deal.I believe! I would like to buy but once I buy it it’s no return !
  6. Ya I am looking to see a better picture on the cable . Haven’t found one yet .
  7. The Klipsch Sub p-312 doesn’t have a ground . i just can’t find the size of the plug on the cable to see if it is the right shape and size to fit the size and shape of the inlet of the Sub . thanks but if you have any more info That would be great .
  8. Charles M

    Need info

    Would this power cable work for my Klipsch p-312 sub the name of the cable is Yulong CP1 High Purity Copper Power Cord 4ft length?
  9. I having trouble finding if this Sub cable would work for my Klipsch P-313 Sub ? i don’t want to buy if it doesn’t fit . does anyone know ? The name of the cable is Yulong CP1 High Purity Copper Power Cord - , 4ft length
  10. Put a new sub in with my system, Mosscade Saturn 12 works Great with the Klipsch p-312
  11. I heard the pioneer elite It sounds great !
  12. Yes , that's it lol I just wanted to upgrade the receptacles to my audio to make sure they don't fail . i also seen some on he end audio some that go for $250 to over $500 lol I guess they can hear grass grow l lol I also was at a audio hi five store the other day and they had a used TT selling for $29,000.00 does anyone want to buy it ? Oh it's in Canadian dollars so that would be cheap to most of you guys lol
  13. That's guys I going to do my work ! I do like Marantz.
  14. Doesn't the class D run less hot ? I went and listened to the pioneer SC-99 it sounds 100% better towards the Onkyo TX -NR 747 that I shouldn't of purchase . Yes I need to go the hear the Marantz also ..... thanks
  15. I feel the sub should have its own separate receptacle for it has its own amp but that's just my feeling . To many things plugged in can cause things to go wrong . and yes the hospital grade is a up grade , you don't want it to fail .
  16. So the pioneers a lot better than Marantz then ? Class D is better !
  17. Or the Marantz SR-7011
  18. Thanks for the info , are they in line with the Marantz SR-7010 , not sure would would be better?
  19. Just want to know about quality and what kind of Rateing it might be ? I setting up 9.1.2 Atmos .
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