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  1. The story just got worst ! I sent my sub in and they dropped and  damaged it  ! Incredible

    they want to get a  Carpenter and wood finisher to fix it ! Don't think so , they need to give me a new one ! 

  2. On 12/30/2016 at 10:04 PM, TImeBandit said:

    EDIT: WHHOOOOPS!  I see you did share room size, not sure how I missed that - with that size of a room, you are going too small .... upsize. 


    Original reply:

    Without sharing room size, it makes it tough to make a definitive recommendation.


    I just went through the same process - upgrading my 10-15 year old home theater, and cycling out my Denon 4806 (which is a wonderful AVR) and Def Tech speakers for something a little more beefy.


    My room is 25 x 16 x 8.5 ft ceilings, and I opted for RP280F front, RP-450C center, and TWO R112SW subs.  If I was going to purchase just one sub it would have been the R115SW.  I plan on upgrading my surrounds to RP-450S soon, and even adding Atmos front height RP-140s to get to 5.2.2.   Let me tell you they sound wonderful. 


    ***EDIT - you would need at least 280F, 450C and 15in sub(s) IMHO for your room size, and consider 7.2 with 250S surrounds.  That is a great space, do it justice.  What I have is a tiny bit of overkill for my space, but would be great in yours.  In fact - if I had that size room, I would change one thing - Get the RF7's for the fronts if you like to listen to music in two channel.  Otherwise the RP280 is fine...  I know, I know, your wallet is screaming in pain right now - but read the bottom of my reply.  Deals are out there if you are patient.


    I will say the RP's surprised me - I am an old closet audiophile that has been down the "separates" road in past years, but has been relegated to AVR / HT solutions because of time, space and budget.


    The Denon 4300H - while not underpowered, this is Denon's Made in China line, and although still technically a "good" receiver, it is not geared as much to music / 2 channel quality as, say the 6300H or 7200W would be  IMHO.  Even the x5200w, or the x6200w would be a great choice - both now discontinued and deals still to be had on those.  The higher end Denons are still made in Japan - and have a little better components, if that matters.


    But if you are mostly HT, then the 4300H will serve nicely IMHO.  Something to consider - if DTS:X, HDR and 4K are not a big priority, the Onkyo 1030 is on Amazon right now for $999, and the 3030 for $1100.  These came out about 1.5 years ago, discontinued in June '16 but are absolute power houses for music and HT.  Note these are throw backs and 45 or 48 lbs respectively, but are great if music is a priority.  Only bringing it up because they are in that "state" of final inventory being cleared, folks have moved on and they represent great value.  Note the WILL do HDCP 2.2, are HDMI 2.0 (not 2.0a) - but the 2.2 is only on one input / output HDMI port.  (I just bought the 3030 as I plan on keeping my VT60 plasma for a number of years, plus the 4K dust needs to settle - let others fix the bugs and the standards settle out - I never like to be on the bleeding edge when it comes to HT).


    As far as price - consider this - I picked up my two R-112SW's at Fry's for $219 per sub, the RP 280's for $419 a piece and the center channel for  $430 - all at Fry's on deals / promos, and all about a month ago.  So, "price" is relative, and if you are patient, wait for deals, you can actually do quite well.  I am sure that gives a "no way" reaction - but I actually stumbled on the SW price when the sales guy put the promo code in and told me I just saved 230 per sub... that was a good day.  I took my wife out to dinner with the savings ;-)




  3. On 12/23/2016 at 11:25 AM, derrickdj1 said:

    That is a large room for HT.  No less than two 15 in. subs, even if one has to be added later.  The larger towers will also make a difference with the largest center channel.  Budget may be tight but, having to replace some of the speakers down the road will end up costing you more in the long run.  Many of us tried to get buy without having to spend as much and had to upgrade anyway.  Getting it right the first time will add to your enjoying the system.  Welcome to the forum and ask all the questions that cross your mind.:D


  4. The Klipsch p-312w is a great sub and I loved the bass and movement of the feeling of it !

    it is out of this world, I just believe I got one that was made on a Monday or Friday! 

    Oh you never liked the Klipsch RSW 15 ? 

    That was one great sub also .

  5. On 12/19/2016 at 9:25 PM, K5SS said:

    I almost bought a matching Palladium subwoofer a while back but I have never been impressed with any Klipsch sub I have ever owned so I decided to look elsewhere. 


    It's great Klipsch is standing by the product but it might be a good idea to get out while the getting is good. You will no doubt lose money, especially since that sub is being closed out but there are brands like HSU, SVS, Rythmik and PSA that have better performance for much less. 


    You wouldn't be that much out of pocket selling the Palladium sub and picking up something like dual SB-13 Ultras or dual ULS-15 MK II's.  


    The only Klipsch subs that I am even remotely curious about are the THX subs Scrappy mentioned above. 


    Still a HUGE Klipsch supporter, just sharing my thoughts..



  6. The light panel was having problems at first , Wouldn't  shut off and I keep asking the place where I  got it and they said it was all ok . I knew something was wrong but I gave them a chance and a month later it went so they replaced the amp . 

    I dont think they replace the light panel just the amp so that believe that is why it has had again .I am hoping it does get fix right this time for I  brought it to a different shop ! You got two , even as this is happening I am jealous you got two ! Lol they are great in the sound if they are working, lol I believe mind was make on a Monday or Friday . 

  7. Thanks for your input .  they are going to fix it , but I feel I might 

    sell it also ? The sounds is great but do I trust it 

    after they replace the parts that went ? Lots 

    of money for this sub ! 


  8. Has anyone heard of the P-312w giving anyone problems ? Mind has quit two  times in the last year , paid over $3000.00 for this sub and sorry klipsch but i am pissed .

    it's still under warranty thanks god but what happens when it runs out ? right now i am shaking my head ! I was to believe this sub is the best that Klipsch has for the home ,

    I had a RSW 12 used it for a few years gave it to my son .He has had it for about 6 years now nothing wrong . I also had a RSW 15  no problems till i had a flood and it was tossed , almost cried about that !  Maybe this is why they don't make the  P-312w any more for the line was  shut down . if anyone that has one please let me know and thanks  

  9. On 10/15/2016 at 7:20 AM, Amstaff said:

    I am bummed. My 12+ year old RSW 15 has died. If I leave it plugged in and switched off for a few minutes and then switch it on - I get a brief red light (less than a second) and then nothing. Sometimes if I leave it plugged in and switched on - the red light will come on and stay on after about 30 to 45 minutes. Will never go green - and, obviously, no sound. Any ideas? Worth fixing?


    This beast has been the cornerstone of our HT setup since we bought it (along with RF7s, RC7 and RS7s). It has been driven by a Yamaha RX-Z1 and now a Denon 4311Ci (the Z1 kicks the Denon's behind btw).


    Dilema: what to replace the RSW 15 with? Does not have to be Klipsch - do they even have a comparable or better model today? What other brands/models do y'all suggest?

    95+% of our HT use is movies.


  10. On 12/8/2016 at 6:34 AM, MetropolisLakeOutfitters said:


    No, don't do this.  The point behind Atmos enabled speakers is for them to be very directional and non-localizable so that it really sounds like the sound is coming from the ceiling.  If you take a heresy and point it upwards, you're going to immediately simply hear a heresy that is laying on its back, going to immediately be able to point to it.  That's no good.


    There was a lot of research into figuring out how to pull this off both in directivity and frequency response as it pertains to the psychoacoustic effect.  The ones that pull this effect off the best is the built in modules in the RP-280FA.  Otherwise do in-ceilings if possible.  RP-140SA is a choice but they look funny sitting on RF-7ii's, sometimes can be localized, and have a bit of an issue in keeping up.  Do in-ceilings if you can.  


  11. Willland thanks for your info about the Heresys. Ya I was told it wouldn't work at a shop that sell Klipsch . They said that i should just buy the new   RP-140SA.

    it would be a better choice. it sounds that the heresys would be an overkill ? Being a great set of speakers i would like to bring them  into my system something old

    and great that would even make it sound outstanding but  ,do you think it wouldn't make a difference over all ?  

  12. Would a pair of Heresy's work good for atmos ?

    of course I would make stands to have them kind of laying down like monitors pointing to the 

    ceiling . I can get a pair at a very good price?

    or would it be a waste of money large.IMG_5258.JPGlarge.IMG_5257.JPGlarge.IMG_5256.JPG

  13. Hello 

    I have a chance to buy a pair of Klipschorns that are about 30 years old but  look and sound new for less than I  paid for my RF7 -11 

    Right now i have two RF-7 11

    Two RP 250s

    Palladium  P-312W SUB

    RC64-11 CENTER

    The room is 25 by 35 but the screen and the front  speakers will set between 13'  at the front  with two speakers on each side .thats where i have the RF-7 11 RIGHT now .

    with the sub in the middle . If i do pick these up i could but them in the same place but also have room in the back and that is 18' across  but also my RP 250S are there .

    does anyone believe this would be a very much an over kill ? would the Klipschorn and the  RF7-11 just be fighting with each other or would i be crazy not to buy them ?

    I am lost in what to do buy them for myself because it will work for great sound or buy them to sell in which i would have a hard time to even do that. 


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