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  1. I looked up Blue Jean cables and also Jensen 

    They both look good . I know the Jensen is more in cost but I just might go for the Jensen 

    I was going to order but will still shop around 

    a bit more .




  2. Noise ? I trying to get rid of noise from the Sub .

    i believe I have a ground loop or the cable that Comes with the Sub is not that great even with the cost of the Sub.

    so I want to try another power cord . 

    I found a good deal.I believe! I would like to buy but once I buy it it’s no 

    return ! 

  3. The Klipsch Sub p-312 doesn’t have a ground .

    i just can’t find the size of the plug on the cable 

    to see if it is the right shape and size to fit the 

    size and shape of the inlet of the Sub .

    thanks but if you have any more info 

    That would be great . 

  4. I having trouble finding if this Sub cable would 

    work for my Klipsch P-313 Sub ?

    i don’t want to buy if it doesn’t fit .

    does anyone know ? The name of the cable is

    Yulong CP1 High Purity Copper Power Cord - , 4ft length



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