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  1. Sold to a fellow community member. Glad finding a good home.
  2. So I've been a Klipsch fan since a friend of mine played some Doobie Brothers on a pair of Cornwalls. This was 1989 and I was a senior in high school. Bought my first set of Klipsch in college, a mint pair of KG4 at a pawn shop in Junction City, KS. My dad had given me money for golf lessons, but I couldn't resist buying the KG4s. 10years later I start a side business doing Audio/Video installs. I was always doing it for other people so figured I could make some extra money doing it. There were no Klipsch dealers in my area, so I contacted Klipsch about coming a dealer. I had to place a larger first order, but I was doing my own home theater, so bought the Klipsch Ultra2 7.2 system. Long intro, but just some background on how I came across these speakers and why I didn't trash them. I was hanging a TV and soundbar for a customer doing a living room remodel. He had a vaulted ceiling room with 2 large speakers custom built and covered. The speakers weren't being used and they were removing the grills and covering the openings. Told me there were some old speakers and wanted to know if I wanted to look at them. I didn't know what I was looking at, but saw the label that said they were Klipsch. No way of testing them, but I knew I had to get them out and at least try them out. These were custom built into the house, so it took some cutting of studs and drywall to get them out of the attic. You can see in the pictures below the grilled speaker, the exposed speaker, the original built in amps and what it looked like when I finally got one out (pictured on blue carpet). Still had no idea what I had, except I knew i had a pair of unmatched (one stained, one not) vintage Klipsch speakers. Took them home and set up in my garage and fired them up with a vintage Cybernet CA-700 integrated amp. They came to life for the first time in who knows how many years and blew me away. They sound amazing and you can crank them and make them scream with zero distortion like a Klipsch speaker does. Great bass. So I know I have a pair of vintage Klipsch that still sound great, but don't know what they are. So research has taught me these are Shorthorn T speakers. Originally sold as a mono speaker and designed to be a combo speaker/TV stand. I've also read that they are rare (very rare) and finding a pair just doesn't happen. The tags on the speakers indicate they are serial # 26 (stained speaker) and serial # 39 (raw speaker). I read there were only 48 Shorhorn T speakers ever built. According to the tags, the components are: Stephens Trusonic 103LX woofer, University SAHF Mid-Driver, University 4401 Tweeter, and W2 network. I haven't taken these apart, but the way there were custom built into the house I can't imagine they've been taken apart since originally installed. If I had any room that these would fit into and I would just sit and listen to them, I would keep them. Love the bass extension they have. But I don't and I won't. I also realize these don't come along very often especially as a pair and don't want to sell just so someone can tear apart and sell the woofers out of them which alone are worth something. So I'm offering up to the Kipsch Community. If interested, please message me with an offer. Nothing lower than $1500 for the pair. I will also include a Klipsch Banner, Kipsch M40 Noise Cancelling Headphones, Klipsch XL windbreaker jacket and the used Cybernet CA-700 intergrated amplifier (all pictured below). Selling as is. I live in Central, KS. For the right price I can deliver or meet in KC, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, or have them delivered to Boulder, CO (my brother lives in Boulder and will be here this weekend). All items sold used, as is. Cash only. You are more than welcome to come demo them.
  3. So I finally lugged these out of the garage and down into my basement to the only place in my house where I have 2 corners in the room (you'll notice the green storage tub container by the right speaker covering the return air vent). One member above recommended this placement...... Oh My!!!! The bass on these is amazing. They play so loud and clear, obviously the Klipsch trademark. It floors me these are 60+ years old and sound this good. So if any Klipsch fan in the central Kansas area would like a listen, please feel free to get in touch. Be Happy to demo my Ultra2 7.1 dedicated theater while you're hear. Happy Thanksgiving all. I'm thankful for rescuing a pair of shorthorns and the inventions of Paul Klipsch.
  4. It's really hard to tell since it appears that some of the lettering might be missing. Really doesn't matter because I don't want to take them apart to find out. They sound really good. I would keep them if I had some place to put them. Most likely will offer them up for sale as a stereo pair at some point. Still enjoying listening to them right now. It's pretty cool to find and own something as rare as members have stated.
  5. Thats what these shorthorns have --- the 103LX2 What have those woofers sold for?
  6. The installation was near Hutchinson, KS which is about 45 miles NW of Wichita. Sounds like they are very rare and the fact that they weren't sold in pairs for stereo makes sense why there are 2 different finished and non-sequential serial #s. I see that there is an auction on ebay selling the same woofer that this model contains. Not sure if they'll get the $750 asking price, but will watch for sure. http://www.ebay.com/itm/STEPHENS-TRU-SONIC-MODEL-103LX-WOOFER-SPEAKER-SERIAL-7039-EXCELLENT-RARE-USA-/272446802387?hash=item3f6f1849d3:g:BHgAAOSwKOJYJsyK
  7. Thanks for all the replies and welcoming comments. This is a bit off topic, but how do I post a picture to my profile? Seems like should be simple but haven't figured it out yet. Then at the bottom everyone seems to post their Klipsch collection. Not sure how to do that either. If anyone is interested, my introduction to Klipsch was 1989. I was still in high school and an older friend who had gone off to college but an old pair of Cornwalls. I remember specifically listening to Doobie Brothers. I'd never heard smooth bass like that. My first set of Klipsch wasn't until about 3 years later when I bought a pair of KG4s at a pawn shop while I was in college. Wished I'd never sold them. My first 5.1 surround systems didn't happen until after college and gainfully employed. It consisted of 4.2 mains, 2.2 center and 1.2 surrounds. I built a custom sub using 2 12" JLAudio car subs powered by Adcom 555II amp with an Audio Control Phase Coupled Activator. I now have 2 Klipsch Home Theater systems. Main dedicated sound isolated room with the Ultra2 THX system. 3 650s Mains, 4 525s surrounds, and 2 Dual 120 subs. With that system I've heard sounds on albums I've never heard before. Also have a 5.1 Klipsch inwall/in ceiling surround system. So that's my Klipsch story and timeline.
  8. Cool. Thank you. Anyone want to guess a value of these? I've looked around and can't find a model like these for sale to compare.
  9. So it appears the woofer is the 103lx and at least one horn tweeter is a university 4401. So what is the middle component? Appears to be silver, metallic looking.
  10. I don't believe it's mahogany veneer. Looks like it's painted brown.
  11. At this point I can't tell the difference in tweeters. Anyone able to tell what type is in the raw unit? So with such an early serial #, any chance that Paul built these or would he have initialed someplace if that's the case?
  12. Another question I had was why I are there different tweeters? The dark brown speaker on the right has a university 4401. This is labeled on the tweeter itself and also tagged on the label. The Raw speaker also say 4401 on the label, but it's a brown, unlabeled tweeter with a fiberboard surround.
  13. Thanks for your insight. Yes they were custom installed with wood paneling that created an enclosure that directed the sound from the ducts of the speaker out into the room. From the attic you could not see the ducts, they were sealed off. I should have taken better pictures of them installed before I tore it all apart. This is the only one of have from the attic side and it shows the curved board forming the enclosure.
  14. I am working with a customer on a house remodel. He mentioned there were some built in speakers but he figured they were pretty old and wouldn't be good any more. Much to my surprise, they were Klipsch. The wiring from the amp was so old it was literally falling apart. The placement of these speakers wasn't the best. About 8' in the air, completely opposite each other and firing directly at each other, room is half brick, half drywall with an opening towards the kitchen. I told the homeowner I would like these speakers. It was a battle to get them out of the attic. Had to cut a stud and some drywall just to get them removed since obviously more than 14" wide. They had to be either assembled in place or put in after the wall were built because they were too big to come through the hole in the wall and to big to go through the floor joist. So my research has indicated these are Shorthorns. I have pics of the labels. One is serial # 26 Finish is M2 Box. The other is serial # 39 Finish RAW. I connected them to an old Cybernet CA-700 Integrated Amp and they sound good (Doobies Brothers and Steely Dan via iPhone). Including several pics. Please provide some history on these. Curious why 2 different finishes and spread in serial #s??? Any other comments or thoughts appreciated. Thanks
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