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  1. I’ll take them when/where do you want to meet.
  2. Here is the perfect gift for the Klipsch fan that has everything. This is a limited edition keepsake (bronze medal on a black marble base) that was presented to Klipsch employee's to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Klipschorn speaker. It is my understanding that approximately 500 were given out. Its very cool (look at the pics) and the last time one of these came up for sale here was in early 2013. I would consider it in very good condition (normal wear and tear). And comes with the original presentation box, assembly instructions (originally you had to put it together) and a Card from C.E.O./Chairman of the board of directors Fred Klipsch. I purchased this several years ago on eBay and it sit on one of my Belles until early this year when I sold them. Since then it has been stored in its presentation box. The price is $165 and includes me paying Paypal fees and shipping cost!!! Will ship out within 3 business days of its purchase. If you want to see other pics let me know and if I don't have them I will be glad to take them and add them to this posting.
  3. Hi Everyone, going to run another super deal. Here is a Friday special including the Volti upgrade.... Friday Night Special - $2650 for the pair...........local pickup only. This deal ends Saturday morning 6AM.
  4. The original parts consist of the horns, woofers, crossovers and wires. I took a pair of fully functioning Belles removed the stock parts and replaced them with the Volti upgrade. I then box all of them up in the Volti boxes and put them into storage.
  5. Yes, the original crossovers go with the package. I'm not sure what are the originals are as they are boxed up and in a climate controlled storage facility. Someone should buy the speakers take them apart, sale off the part the don't need and reduce their investment cost.
  6. Yes, but I said in my post for me do it both the speakers and upgrade had to be sold. So far I only had an offer for the upgrade.
  7. Friday Night Special - $2750 for the pair...........local pickup only. This deal ends Saturday morning 6AM.
  8. FYI - The Belles are still up for sale......
  9. If I had someone wanting to buy the Belle's and someone else wanting the Volti upgrades the price for the Belles would be $2000 and the upgrades would be $1500. I would only separate them if both were sold.
  10. Yes, they do I just thought they looks great sitting on top.
  11. This is a continuation of the post I made the 1st of January (FS: oppo BDP-105; Belles, Palladium 17B, B&W 805D, etc,) that consisted of a long list of items I was putting up for sale. I ran into the issue of posting issue related to adding more pictures so I am posting these separately. I am selling my pair of Belles that are finished in Oiled Walnut. These were manufactured in 1972 and have consecutive serial numbers. Take a look at the pictures as these are a beautiful pair of Belles. I have upgraded these Belles using the upgrade kit sold by Volti Audio (www.kilpschupgrades.com/belleupgrades2.shtml). This upgrade consists of the following: Beyma CP-25 Tweeter Volti Audio Belle V-Trac Midrange Horn BMS 4592ND-Mid Midrange Driver Volti Audio VTB-400 Crossover Network Crites 1526C Woofer Wiring Kit (8 pieces) The Belles with this upgrade sound unbelievable however some enthusiast prefer to keep the speakers original so I have the complete set of original parts. This will allow someone to converted them back to original if they want to do so. Price $3000, this is actually below the price of the upgrade kit alone (upgrade kit price $3,867). If I have someone interested only in the upgrade and another one only interested in the Belles I would consider returning the Belles to original and selling each separately (price TBD). These are pickup only (Dallas/Fort Worth area) unless someone wanted to pay for the crating/shipping cost.
  12. This is a continuation of the post I made the 1st of January (FS: oppo BDP-105; Belles, Palladium 17B, B&W 805D, etc,) that consisted of a long list of items I put up for sale. I ran into the issue of posting more pictures (some type of limit) to the same topic however the issue may be due to my limited experience in posting. This post is for a pair of B&W 805D w/stands that I purchase a couple of years ago (early 2013) and they have been boxed up and stored in one of my extra bedroom for almost all of that time. They were purchased with a pair for B&W CM-5 speakers and a B&W HTM4 Diamond center speaker for a 5.1 system. These speakers and factory stands are in very good condition. There is a very small dent/dimple/mark/nick (not sure what word describes it the best) on one of the speakers (picture included) that was caused by me during the first time I unboxed them. The price for the speakers is $2500 including the stands. All payment fees will be the responsibility of the buyer. I have all of the original packaging and my plans are to ship the factory box inside of another box (for insurance purposes) and I will pay for the extra boxing and insurance fees (actual shipping cost will be buyer's responsibility. Take a look at the pictures and let me know if your interested. If you want more pics just let me know.
  13. Hi Everyone, I have now posted pics of the Palladiums P17-B's, Sonus Faber Concertinos, Oppo 105 and Denon AVR-4520CI. I plan to post pics of the Klipsch Belles and start on the B&W's. Not sure if this post will allow me to add more pics if not I will start a new one. Thanks for all of you interest. Regards, Blister
  14. Hi Everyone, Sorry for my slow/non-responsiveness I was out of town until last night and I am in the process of starting to take pictures. However, a majority of the equipment has been stored in its factory box in our spare bedroom. It is taking me longer than anticipated to get to the boxes, unbox the items and take pictures. I am currently working on the Palladiums (2 of which are sold) and should have them posted soon. Then I will post the Sonus Fabers; then maybe one other item tonight. Hopefully I can get the rest done tomorrow. Thanks,
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