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  1. This is by no means my first upgrade haha. I have been doing this for a while now. Just want to make sure that this was worth the difference in what I have to what I will have, and that the difference will be big enough for this to not be a bad deal overall. Personally, I think the center channel upgrade was worth the move, just a little worried that the difference in bookshelves was worth the difference. Take the bedroom part out of the equation and just look at it from the upgrade of bookshelves. How much better are the RB 61 iis compared to the R 15Cs?
  2. Ok, so I just got some new speakers since it is Christmas and I was able to get them for a good deal due to the sales that are going on right now. I bought the RB 61 ii's and the RC 62 ii. I am having a little anxiety and buyers remorse and am hoping yall can help me feel that the money I just spent was not a waste. I am going from the R 25C and the R 15M's, which I will be moving into my bed room. I had them there when I first bought them and they sounded really good in there, as my bed room is a square shape and is more conducive to sound quality, so I am excited to have them back in there. So, for those of you who have owned what I have and what I am getting, was what I spent worth it? I can still cancel the order and go another route, but right now, I feel that 329 for each set minus 200 in gift cards and 200 in money that was from my grandparents for Christmas and birthday only netted me spending a little over 300 dollars of my own money on speakers that are normally priced 1100 without the sale going on. I feel that these will be better and that I will be happy, as a lot of people here have had very high praise for the center channel especially, and felt that the bookshelves to match would go better than the R 15M's I have now. Also, I feel that if I hadn't gotten the bookshelves and only upgraded the center channel to the RC 62 ii would have me move the R 25C in my bedroom to be paired with Quintet speakers for the fronts and surrounds, which I don't believe would have sounded as strong as going ahead and pulling the trigger making a package deal. In short, I am not only upgrading my den's speakers for the fronts and center, but will in turn be upgrading my bedroom in the process for only a 330 dollar amount. I hope this was wise, and I feel that it was, but would love some people here's opinions to make me feel a little better that this was overall a great deal!
  3. I have some video scu ones i could send the link for holding my R 15M's currently. They have never made me feel that they werent up to the task. It says they hold up to 33 lbs, although i would never go with anything close to 100% to what they rated as being able to handle. My R 15M's are only 10 lbs, so take that for what it is worth, but if you mount them on a stud, I would personally take the risk on 60% of its maximum rated weight. It also says it can go as wide as 11", so you are set as the RP 160's are only about 9". I will put a link up if it is allowed, but I am new here, so Im not sure what all will fly
  4. Is this a RC-62 ii? or an original reference model I may be unfamiliar with
  5. Thanks for the info, I dont have space for floor standings right now. Next house im gonna go that route!
  6. Ok guys, so I think my plan is to upgrade my center to the RC 62 ii, and then get the RB 61 ii's for my main fronts. My question is is that the wire is already run for where they will be, but this speaker setup has a bi wiring setup. How can I make my current setup work. Can I just use what is already there and connect more wires to the ends of the current wires? Or will I have to actually run more wire? Kind of a deal breaker honestly
  7. I'm really trying to decide whether I should chance waiting til after Christmas to buy one myself. I have a 100 gc to amazon and a 100 visa gc i got for my bday. If the sale will still be going on, im sure I will be getting more gift cards that i can use instead of cash.. Just hope I don't miss out if the sale ends too early. We are doing Christmas Friday night as a family, so that is still only the 23rd.. I think it will still be going on by then
  8. Thanks guys. I really appreciate y'all's input. I think I will go with ref ii's and build from there and move the refs to my bed room. I actually had the refs in my bedroom at one point before my wall mounts came in, and they sounded fantastic. Just wish my den was a better set up for SQ. The distance from surround speakers and rears are about 5 feet as they sit now. I don't plan on moving them as they are all wall mounted and speaker wire run through the wall. I don't see myself changing positioning for placement.
  9. Would the RB 61ii's and the RC 62 ii be way too much for the setup I have if i left the surrounds and rears as quintet satellites for the time being? I would rather build off of Ref ii's over building on what I have now. I can just move the R 15M and R 25C to my bedroom. I have a quintet set in there as of now, so it would be a big improvement, and I don't need any more than that in my bedroom!
  10. Ok, so if I replaced what I have with Ref ii's and went with the RB-61 ii's for my fronts, and the RC-62 ii's for my center, would the R-15 M's be good enough to be my rears? I want to have a long term set up, but I feel for my surround I need actual surround speakers such as the RP 240S. The only problem with that is I would have 3 different lines of speakers in that set up. Maybe for now just upgrade the fronts and center to the RB-61 ii's and RC-62 ii's, get some surrounds after, then when I move get some floor standing speakers and move the RB-61 ii's to the rears.. I saw on another thread about center channels that the RC-62 was a lot of peoples choice for center channel, so I want to revolve my setup around it.
  11. So Reference II is better than Reference Premier? The Premiers are listed as more expensive.
  12. Hey guys, I posted on the architechtural issues I am having, and this does pertain to some of the stuff I posted, but it more has to do with comparing what i have already to what the next step would be. Would the R-15M's differ that much from the reference II's (61/81), and right now the prices for the premiers are not all that different from the Ref II's. Does anyone know what the differences really are?
  13. Ill take some pics when i get home.
  14. Just so there is no confusion, the RB 81 II's would be replacing the fronts, not as the surrounds. I still need those as well in the long run. Are the RB 81's that much better than the RB 61's?
  15. Hey guys, I am new here, but have a few questions. So I have one of those den set ups that the tv is in the corner, so the room isn't ideally set up. Also, everything is mounted on the walls, so floor standing speakers are out. I have a 7.1 setup featuring R-25C for the center (Best Buy Models), R-15M's for the fronts, and the other 4 satellites are Quintet satellites. I would like to get some surround speakers, and potentially switch the R-15M's to the rear/back speakers. Can anyone help differentiate the best bang for my buck? The RB 81 II's look like a solid deal, but how much better than what i have will they be? How do they compare to low end (price wise) floorstanding speakers? Which do they closest resemble? What I have sounds good, but there are some good deals, and if y'all are anything like me, you know there will never be a point where I can't still upgrade! I will try to get some pics on here so y'all can see my set up as of now. The room certainly is not ideal for sound quality, but I will be there for a few more years. Next house I'll make sure I have an optimal setup for making sure I have the best scenario for sound quality and floor standing speakers.
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