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  1. Thanks for the input, Zen. I guess the reason I am going to do an amp is not only for the extra power, but this receiver can go up to 11 channels if you add an amp, so I will eventually want to have 11 channels. Until I am ready to jump to 7.1.4, I will let the 4400 power what I have.
  2. Thanks man. The amount of money to just power these things is ridiculous when you look at what you are already spending on the av receiver alone. I have always just run things through the AVR, but the more I read the more I feel that I am underpowering my speakers as it is. With the 4400 having the capability to add 2 channels through an external amp, that would put me at 400 +900 for a total of 1300, which is still less than the 11.2 6400 or 6500, with true RMS of 150 watts to my mains. I feel like spending 1000 just to get a parasound A23+ would be a tough one to pitch my wife to spend...
  3. That was what I worried about if it would even work with the issue I am having. It would give me better power to roll with the Emotiva A 300 as it gives my 150 watts compared to the 95 coming from the 2200. I am new to the amp game, so would you be able to advise on whether emotiva has any large drawbacks compared to parasound when it comes to quality over paying the extra?
  4. So, if i go this route, sending rca from my new preamp to my old 2200, can I use any terminals I want? or do they have to run through specific terminals depending on the speaker similar to how it comes from the actual av. For instance, if I want to add surrounds and use my old 2200 as the amp for the extra channels, can I use whatever speaker terminals? I ask because my front right speaker terminal only works half of the time, and if i have to use front left and right, then I will be in the same position I am already in. I am looking at just grabbing an Emotiva A 300 to add on and let those power my mains and let the 4400 handle the other 9 channels Let me know what yall think!
  5. How can I know if my current AVR can even do that? Would I have to use specific terminals on there depending on which speaker they will be assigned to?
  6. I guess I am more comfortable with sticking with my purchase since it will come with a 3 year warranty as opposed to a refurbed one year. Specs look pretty even in most aspects. Thanks for weighing in!
  7. How will i know if it will will drop from 8 ohms to 4? This is the kind of stuff I have never really understood
  8. Can you elaborate why this unit is better than the one I got? They look more or less the same when it comes to specs.
  9. Hey guys, over christmas I upgraded my mains to RF 82 iis. My current setup is this: 5.1.2 Fronts- RF 82 iis Center- RC 62 ii Surrounds- RB 51 ii Front Heights RB 61 ii BIC Accoustec Sub All of this is run off of a Denon 2200h. This receiver has been problematic since I bought it used. The left terminal has an issue, and have already paid to fix it once for around 200 bucks. Long story short, I made the decision yesterday to just go ahead and scrap this unit, and upgrade to something that has more channels and more power. I went with the Denon 4400h, which has 125 watts rms. My question to you guys is, is this going to be a noticeable upgrade from the 2200? For 899, I felt like this would be enough over the 95 watts I was getting from my 2200, but the RF 82 ii call for 150. Just wanted to know what you guys think about whether the 4400 should be enough power for what I now have.
  10. Hey guys. I currently have the previous best buy reference line in my bedroom for a 5.1 system. My receiver is Atmos, so there is room for an upgrade. I see that best buy has the new reference line for a relatively good price for the next few days on the atmos modules. They are normally 400, but right now for 250. I am thinking about buying them for my bedrooms setup, but wasnt sure if anyone here had any experience with them. The reviews on Best Buy are really good, but just didnt know if anyone here has any input that would help me out. Thanks in advance! klipsch r 41 sa is the model https://www.bestbuy.com/site/klipsch-reference-series-4-100-watt-passive-2-way-height-channel-speaker-each-black/6241805.p?skuId=6241805
  11. Ceilings over everything else for atmos speakers. Most forums and audio experts refute the atmos add on's pretty hard and advise for in ceilings if you can. Direct sound>Reflected Sound
  12. Thanks for the help. I have heard from people 5.2.2 is more immersive than 7.1, so I figured why not try it out.
  13. I hope so. I saw that klipsch came out with some cheaper atmos speakers that sit on top of fronts or rears. It will be a little while before the upgradeitis will be fed again. I have time to research. It would be easier to just do the ceiling speakers as running the wires would be a sinch
  14. I have some RB 51 iis that I am using for my surround/sides. I can use those as rears. Atmos doesn't recommend dipole speakers, and the rs 41 iis don't really mesh well anyway for my room as it is the ole tv in the corner set up you see so often in new houses.
  15. I had a similar issue lately. I ended up getting a new receiver that was 4k pass through with atmos/dts:x. Honestly tho, if you aren't worried about the sound upgrades and running your cables to the tv aren't that hard to move up to 4k, that would be the cheapest route. That was my plan until I found a killer deal on a denon I got over the weekend. Just make sure the tv has an optical out. Some new tv's don't have them
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