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  1. RX8

    Deal of the century

    I wouldn’t mess with this guy. I swear the CD on the left side of his CD rack looks like Saddam Hussein’s Greatest Hits, Vol 1.
  2. Will need the promo code. Lately these specials have been in store only. Can’t beat the price for brand new Klipsch shipped to your door. Based on past sales the free shipping likely won’t last all day as it may revert to in store only at some point.
  3. If you haven’t already signed up for Fry’s promo codes I highly recommend you do. Just looking at their website you will never see the promo price. Only adding the promo code that you get in your email would you see the sale price. I picked up brand new RB61ii speakers for $199 including free shipping. If you are looking for new there aren’t many choices with this kind of “bang for the buck”. These will also pair nicely with the RC62. If you are patient you should be able to find these at that price, or close to it, sometime in the future.
  4. If you are near a Fry’s Electronics you could pick up two RF 82II, an RC 62II and two RB 61II which would make a killer home theater set up for about $900 when found on promo code. Starting today Fry’s has the RF 82II for $229 each and RB 61II for $199 a pair. These all go on promo code every so often occasionally with free shipping but mainly in store only. You would need to sign up for their e-mails to get the promo code. While not on promo currently the RC 62II has previously been on promo for as low as $134.
  5. So I wonder what Klipsch would do if it was under warranty and needed a repair but that they couldn’t fix it because there were no parts.
  6. RB61 back on sale for $199 with free shipping, I added to my cart and free shipping is there, at least as of this moment. This is Fry’s promo for today only.
  7. I Googled the Gmail address and found an old car site in which this scammer was trying the same thing. 20/20 hindsight is easy but what legit person is really going to have an e-mail address that is essentially "pay me" (paygullecaline@gmail.com)?
  8. Website is fixed and now accepts the code. I have both the RB 61 and RC 62 in my cart with free shipping included. I am not buying them though so they are available to someone else.
  9. Getting error with applying the promo code. Looks like a Frys issue. Until website is fixed you could just call them and order over the phone.
  10. Site working for me. Price you see does not reflect the sale. Go to menu, “my Frys account” then subscribe to weekly promo codes. If if you don’t get your email promo code soon after signing up I’ll give you mine.
  11. RB61 II for $199 RC62II for $168 Free shipping but It seems they set aside a limited quantity for shipping so you gotta hurry if you want them.
  12. Fry’s has new RB61II for $199 with free shipping. Need the promo code which you get when you sign up with your email. If you want them you got to act fast as they tend to sell out quickly
  13. Great deal but not available for shipping as of now. Unless I missed it these were never included on the promo email.
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