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  1. My first Klipsch Center!

    True!! I just saw on Ebay the 280s for $319 each, but it's chip and dent, I never bought something like that before, but if I had the $638 at this moment, I might hve been tempted, aren't the 280s normally $1200 for the pair?
  2. My first Klipsch Center!

    I was going to go with the 250fs, but figured since I hve the middle of the line 440c, I should do the 260f! Lol, don't know if that's good logic or not, figured the 280fs might be a bit overkill.. still going back and forth a bit I must admit! Once I'm ready to go guess I'll have to make up my mind between 260 and 280! Either way, I'm sure they'll look amazing flanking my 80 inch tv!
  3. My first Klipsch Center!

    This is the worst part, waiting! I've got up for auction 2 1964 Mantle cards, hoping I get $200 for each, then next payday in May, I should be able to get them!
  4. My first Klipsch Center!

    Well, I can't believe it, but the center 440c sounds even better now than it did when I first got it! I guess it's fully broken in! Now, of course, I can't wait to get the towers! I'm going with the RP260f, as soon as I can swing the money.
  5. My first Klipsch Center!

    Huge Yanks fan! If you want to hear something really awesome and funny, 4 years ago I made my firs qive call to xm radios mlb channel, I recorded it and uploaded it. If you google, "me live on xm mlb channel yourlisten.com" you'll get to hear it! By the time I was done, they told me I was the caller of the year lol! Yanks are 7-7 right now, slow start, huge expectations for the year!
  6. My first Klipsch Center!

    Ok. I'd most likely go with the 250f then. That $199 each for the icons caught my eye... or in my case, my ears! I've got an autographed bat by Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez of the Yanks up for sale, so if I can get a sale, I won't have to wait until August to buy the towers! Wish me luck! lol.
  7. My first Klipsch Center!

    Yeah, if I did get the Klipsch kf28 speakers, amazon has them for a bit more, wouldn't buy at bb! My thing was being afraid to mix RP center with the towers from that Icon line, specks and driver size seems nice qhan the RP260fs, nd a nice bit cheaper!
  8. My first Klipsch Center!

    I saw at bestbuy today Klipsch Icon kf28, 2 8 inch drivers, $199 each. Looked like a nice deal, but since I have RP center, I was afraid to mix!
  9. My first Klipsch Center!

    I'm going to get the tower speakers for my mains when I have the extra money. You think the RP250f would go nice with the 440c? I think towers would go nice with 440c, since my center is on the shelf, which would be level with floor standers.
  10. My first Klipsch Center!

    Good job! I'm a Yanks fan, haven't missed a radio broadcast since I was 8 in 1998, innings maybe, but always tuned in!
  11. My first Klipsch Center!

    Yes! After my mlb all-star game trip in July, I'll be ready to get some fronts by September! Lol, The Hyatt Place dc national mall hotel isn't cheap, and I booked a 880 foot suite, so all money goes towards that and the 3 game tickets (I called the mlb office, explaining I'm visually impaired and like to sit behind the netting at games, they're going to give me 3 tickets that they order for clients, pretty cool stuff!!) So no more spending for me.
  12. My first Klipsch Center!

    Great movie, anotheer awesome one is Like Sunday, Like Rain, a title that when you find out why it's called that near the end of the movie, you'll say, "why didn't I figure that out!" If you like laughs, also check out The Super with Joe Pesci.
  13. My first Klipsch Center!

    I don't hear no difference, and my ears are amazing! These Onkyo fronts must be really good, because they blend in nice, and the center doesn't drown anything out. Got it centered perfect with the 80 aquos. Lol, my mom wants to watch a ton of movies tomorrow. btw, The Impossible is an amazing movie if you've never seen it.
  14. My first Klipsch Center!

    Did the auto, they set them all to "6." Sounds great to me!! btw, this speaker even set at 80 hz, and "small," puts out amazing bass!! I had forgotten to turn on sub, and thought it was on!!
  15. My first Klipsch Center!

    Speaker is amazing!! I don't have a PSL meter, should I keep all speakers at the 0 sound level? The VSX832 goes from 0 to 12 on the sound level.