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  1. RP 250F‘s are reference premiere series while 26F‘s are only reference. So don‘t mix these two different series together. The reference premiere (RP) is higher/better series, so definately go with RP, especially when you chose the RP 440c center. That said, this is the right home theather for you: http://www.klipsch.com/products/home-theater-systems-reference-premiere#rp-250 fronts: RP-250F, center: RP-440C, surrounds: RP-240S, subwoofer: R-112SW.
  2. What about new subwoofers? Any info about them?
  3. Thank you very much RoboKlipsch I appreciate your time! I'll go with SVS-SB-12NSD since I love its size and probably after few years, when kids get older and we probably move to a bigger place, I will take Klipsch r-115sw or whatever better sub will Klipsch have, to match the design of whole system. Again, thank you very much guys!
  4. Thank you guys. My original budget for sub was 300$. Based on your suggestions I will increase it to 500$ maximum and I still have to save up which will take a while. Till then I will take only the fronts, center and surrounds. So right now it seems the choice is between the SVS SB-12NSD and the Klipsch R-112SW. Is there really noticable difference for newbie like me? If not, I will take Klipsch because of design, if yes, than I will probably choose SVS because of it and because of more compact size. What do you think guys?
  5. I appreciate your time, thank you very much for your detailed answer! I decided to go the way of quality so I see the RP-250F fronts and RP-250C as a no brainer. The thing about sub is, that I would like to have the whole set from Klipsch to match the design. Since I am from Europe, I can order only from amazon.de where SVS SB-12NSD costs 449 Euro compare to Klipsch R-112SW which costs 434 Euro (so Klipsch is even little bit cheaper then SVS) I assume that r-112sw would be great too, right? On the other hand I got two problems with R-112SW. First is its costs, so I would have to skip it for now and buy it later, but I can live with that. Second is its depth. It has depth of 18.25" / 46.36 cm which is little too much than I would like to have. It will be near furniture which have depth 16" / 40 cm so I would like to have it matched. These two problems brings me to the smaller version of Klipsch sub, the R-110SW which has more pleasant depth of 15.8" / 40.13 cm and with its lower cost I could probably buy it immediately with whole setup. So what do you think about R-110SW sub? It has 3 Hz more than R-112SW which I don't know if it is a big difference (?), but it is definately under Hz of RP-250F. About surrounds, I have no option to buy RS-42s in any store here. But since I got like 8“ / 20 cm of maximum height for speakers available, I could not buy them anyway. So hopefully the R-14S will be fine.
  6. Hi guys, I am european newbie on this forum and also newbie in the world of Klipsch To this day I had Onkyo home theater for about 500$. I decided to look for a better home theater system and when I saw Klipsch, I fell in love with the design I would like to ask what do you think about this setup? Front: Klipsch RP-250F Center: Klipsch RP-250C Subwoofer: Klipsch R-10SW Surround: Klipsch R-14S The thing is, RP-250 should come with RP-440C center and R-112SW subwoofer, but I don't have enough money to buy them. Actually to this day I was decided to go with lower Refference setup R-26F ( R-26F, R-25C, R-14S and R-10SW), but since I read many recommendations to go at least with Reference Premiere, I thought about it and this is the result, but I don't know if it will be ok? Or are the RP-250F and RP-250C simply too much for R-10SW and R-14S and I should go with R-26F setup which will probably be ok for me. My room is smaller (20x15 feet) and I will watch cable TV and movies most of the time and definately not loud, because I got two kids (4 months old and 2 years old), who usually sleeps when I watch TV. So my goal is to watch movies with good and clear sound as possible, but in decent volume level Thank for any advice!
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