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  1. Nah - that 510 horn with 2” throat is something special and I don’t want to part with it 👍🏻
  2. Looking to build a better and more aesthetically pleasing box for my 396s. I’d like to build something proportionately similar to the Forte IIIs and use a passive radiator from Parts Express in hopes to also get them to dig much deeper. What are your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks, everyone!!
  3. Lost my job NEED to sell, don't WANT to... best offer over $4900.
  4. Thanks for the info! How are you able to use the bass and treble along with Audyssey? I was under the impression that wasn't an option. I really would love to have access to physical sliders on a 7 (or more) band EQ.
  5. Not true - I confirmed with Marantz that ALL inputs are put through the DAC.
  6. Hey Mark... my Sonos is directly connected using analog inputs on my pre/pro. Sonos has bass/treble/loudness controls; those are set flat and loudness is OFF. I have NO issues at this point with the quality of sound. They're tighter in the low end and smoother up top than my 1978 La Scalas. The on-board DAC of the Marantz is of decent caliber and sounds perfectly fine. If anything, my room could probably benefit from some acoustical treatments. Things get a bit muddy at the higher volumes - WAY higher volumes than what I would ever listen to them. Thanks for your input though
  7. Current manual EQ setting... interesting compared to what Audyssey set it.
  8. I definitely want to get 2, 2 channel tube amps along with 402 horns and Jub bass bins strictly for listening. As for the "too late to drink" - I am still dragging ***. My wife (and me because I am a light sleeper) get up at 4:45. Just over four hours doesn't always cut it. Especially the first two days back after a long break from work.
  9. Thanks, I am VERY relieved this is resolved, too! When I can, I am going to spend some quality time with the manual for my Pre/pro... The majority of my two channel listening is sourced from my Sonos Connect using Deezer to stream FLAC files. I am pretty sure I can chose whether or not to use the on-board DAC as well as the EQ when I select the Sonos (I could be wrong).
  10. Could the steeper slopes in the LS II's be to "blame" and the reason two other sets of speakers utilizing the same output in the same room as well as location sounded better while configured by Audyssey and too, when using Pure Direct? I feel like I am missing something... by that I mean that when using Pure Direct now it sounds OK - a bit flat, but OK overall and much better than before. Is there some kind of preliminary EQ that is used even with Pure Direct? The way I understood it, Pure Direct incorporated NO sound processing. Another thing that is a bit baffling is that with Audyssey, 4, 8, and 16k were at +6db and those frequencies were severely lacking in output. Now, I have set those same frequencies as 2,3 & 4db gains respectively and are completely open & dynamic. Just doesn't add up.
  11. it seems that with many of today's moderately-priced HT receivers (integrated units specifically), that the manufacturer tries to pack it full of desirable features and unfortunately the quality of the amplification components suffers hence, sound suffers. IMHO, buying an affordable, lower powered integrated amp with the features you want and using it as a pre/pro in conjunction with an older bad-*** amp is the way to go. Once it's titled a pre/pro you're going to be paying more for it. Just my two cents.
  12. They really are "garbage in - garbage out" If it wasn't for my need of HDMI switching, I'd still be using my 1990 Yamaha Natural Sound receiver that was/IS wonderful and, I probably never would've had to put all of you through this!
  13. Emailing Roy to advise of new found sound... I don't believe he'll be sending Xovers to swap.
  14. LS II BEFORE MANUAL EQ https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ulg1g58n2cit26/LS II Demo.mov?dl=0 LS II AFTER MANUAL EQ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljkgk0cng4pyxs5/LS II - manual EQ.mov?dl=0 I haven't had a chance to listen with headphones but will when I get to work. Opinions? Hopefully you'll hear a difference! UPDATE: I had a chance to listen to these two videos and my second one which I did earlier today was recorded at a much lower volume. I will re-post another "after" video this evening as I plan on putting my "new" speakers through their paces... again
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