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  1. I have a new pair of Klipsch R-28F speakers and Polk PWS505 sub. I don't want or need to spend $1000 plus on a AVR, just want to find an older high end AVR in the $500 or less range, I'm in California btw
  2. I'm just over my old Onkyo HT-R510... I also have a next model up HT-R530 which is setup in my man cave which has some additional functions and this OR-EQ function that boosts treble and bass and it sounds 100% better than the HT-R510. The R510 is in the house for my main music/movie system, and I need to replace it with something better. Do you have the remote for the 2500? And is it in decent condition?
  3. I might be interested in this AVR if I knew for sure it would sound better than my old Onkyo HT-R510, I never owned anything Yamaha before
  4. I recently got a pair of R-28F speakers for my mains/fronts, and currently have a decent Polk 12" sub. and I'm finding out that my 10+ years old Onkyo HT-R510 AV receiver don't sound so good, the sound quality is just not there (maybe because it's older, lacking modern circuitry etc.). Seems like I need additional EQ to bring out the highs, etc. I know there is nothing wrong with the speakers, they are brand new. So, my surround/music system build is a work in progress, and I think my next purchase will need to be a new current bad *** AVR. Can anyone chime in with recommendations on a good AVR (with at least 100+ watts/channel) that would make my R-28Fs sing???
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