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  1. I bought those Heresy I speakers. Live in Orlando and caught that ad on CL after it was up for four hours. Gave them a call, great seller, seniors, DJ's, yes, they had a DJ

    business for senior dances etc. The speakers were in perfect condition, black, not a nick, black speaker grills, perfect. I have KG-4's but like these a bit

    better. I love CL!

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  2. I love my tube receivers (Fisher 400 and Fisher 500C) but recently found a Marantz 2216B on CL and really enjoy it too. I use the KG-4's and KG 1.5's (oak), love the look and performance of

    both but keep looking for higher end Marantz and Klipsch just to try something new.  I think I'll send off the 500C for full restoration ($500.00) but think it will be well worth the investment. It's a fun hobby (audio) with so many options for gear.

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