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  1. This Amp and Tuner are about as mint looking as a person can find. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/555051041814845/ I contacted the seller and she has not turned on the system. It's over priced and I don't think she is going to drop the price much but give it a shot. Really nice old tube units.
  2. Who did the restoration? I have a 400 and 500C I want to get restored. Looks like your guy did a great job.
  3. Did you sell the speakers yet? I grew up in Orange Tx until the age of nine. My father managed the Firestone Chemical plant back in the early 1960's. I can still remember that small city.
  4. I just bought a set of Klipsch Heresy I speakers, great condition. What OHM setting should I select for my Fisher 400? 4 or 8?
  5. What ohm setting on a Fisher 400 Receiver for these speakers? 4 or 8?
  6. I bought those Heresy I speakers. Live in Orlando and caught that ad on CL after it was up for four hours. Gave them a call, great seller, seniors, DJ's, yes, they had a DJ business for senior dances etc. The speakers were in perfect condition, black, not a nick, black speaker grills, perfect. I have KG-4's but like these a bit better. I love CL!
  7. I love my tube receivers (Fisher 400 and Fisher 500C) but recently found a Marantz 2216B on CL and really enjoy it too. I use the KG-4's and KG 1.5's (oak), love the look and performance of both but keep looking for higher end Marantz and Klipsch just to try something new. I think I'll send off the 500C for full restoration ($500.00) but think it will be well worth the investment. It's a fun hobby (audio) with so many options for gear.
  8. Can you post more pictures or just send them to me? I'm interested but can't stop buy. I'm in Orlando. Tks Kevin
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