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  1. Yes. Older man who has wanted KHorns since he was a teenager. He did want the upgrades, but it was above his budget for both the speakers and upgrade right now. He'd wanted them for about 50 years!! He actually took them home in his Saab convertible!! Took too trips, but I was still amazed and had to take pics!! lol
  2. I'm selling them for $985. Would prefer local pickup in Southern California, but can ship. I don't know much extra shipping would be, but they are large and heavy.
  3. Pair of Eliptrac wooden horn upgrades for the Klipschorns. These are attached to a replacement top hat grid. The Eliptrac attach to your Klipschorn mid driver. Included is the B&C Speakers DE 10-8 tweeter. I had to sell my beloved Klipschorns, so I can no longer use this. It's a fairly quick upgrade (and easily removable, too). They sound really wonderful, removed any harshness and provided me with many hours of jpyous listening! Prefer pickup or meetup in Southern California first, but will consider shipping if that if needed. Keep in mind, these are large and heavy to ship.
  4. Motoguy, you're very welcome to come see it live and decide for yourself. I believe it is sun bleaching on the walnut as Woofers and Tweeters said. It's so much more noticeable in photos than live. You might see them and be surprised. I believe that these are really competitively priced, I have't seen a lower price. But like I said, if you'd like to check them out in person, you're very welcome to decide then. Whatever is best for you.
  5. So sorry!!! I usually get a message when someone posts here, but I didn't see one. So sorry for the super delayed response! Yes, I still have them right now!
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