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  1. Almost strictly classical (Haydn is my favorite composer) but still like 50's rock and big band (Shaw and Goodman in particular).
  2. History Kid - I do like the sound of the Sony but I also enjoyed the Cerwin Vega speakers I had before I heard the Klipsch. It's not that I'm dissatisfied with what I have but rather would a relatively small investment make the Heresys sound much better. If there's not much to choose between the two then I'll happily stay where I am.
  3. OK, here's another question from a technically challenged Klipsch listener. My setup is strictly 2 channel and is only used for CD and FM radio listening. I currently have Heresy 3 speakers powered by a Sony STR DH130 receiver. What kind of a difference in audio quality would be realized by switching to a NAD C 316BEE integrated amp. My listening area is extremely small (10 by 8) and I'm aware that I'd have to forego the radio at least temporarily.
  4. I'm in Klipsch headquarters - Indianapolis. And I am enjoying what I have. Unless I were to stumble across some fabulous deal that just couldn't be passed up, I'll keep what I've got. I'm already at the limit of what I can afford in speakers (and I couldn't be more pleased with my Heresys) and I really can't justify spending much more than I did for the Sony on amplification. After rent and utilities are covered every month there's not much left of that social security check.
  5. Diz and Russ, thanks for the advice. My financial situation would prevent me from leaving the consumer grade and it doesn't sound like switching to a marginally more expensive brand would make enough of a difference to make it worthwhile. I appreciate so many knowledgeable people taking the trouble to advise a neophyte.
  6. John, in the 70's I had both Marantz and Sansui receivers. Back then I had Advent speakers and I remember the sound fondly. You're right (I hope)...70 isn't that old anymore but I doubt that my hearing is as good as it was 40 years ago so I think I'll just continue to enjoy what I have and leave the high tech innovations to the newer generations.
  7. Bill, thanks for the recommendations. Do you think these items would provide better sound than what I have currently or would they provide options that, quite honestly, I'll never use? My system is for classical CDs and FM radio exclusively. It's not connected to a computer, a TV, a subwoofer or a turntable.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to Klipsch. Less than a year ago I purchased a pair of Heresy 3's after being very impressed with a pair of rf 62's that I had in another room. The Heresys are in a small 10 by10 room that has all walls covered with six foot bookcases. The speakers are 7 feet apart and I sit equidistant from both at six feet back. I power them with an entry level Sony STR DH130 2 channel receiver. They are only used to listen to CDs and FM radio. I think they sound fantastic. The clarity, separation and soundstage seem wonderful to me. After browsing this forum for some months now, I'm wondering if a receiver upgrade would really make much of a difference in such a small listening area. Since I'm 70 years old with no technical expertise or DIY knowledge any speaker modifications are not to be considered. If my situation isn't too basic to be addressed, I'd welcome any comments. By the way, I must say that I think the rf 62's are also really great...not as refined as the Heresys but not that far behind them.
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