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  1. Thank you very much for answering! Simone
  2. Thank you very much! For informations and for the “welcome”! Ciao!
  3. Hello, I have a pair of Heresy II, bought used and paid very few money. Here in Italy usually they are expensive, also 1987 speakers, I was lucky! They sound quite good, but a woofer need to be repaired, and one midrange sometimes makes some distortion. I found that K53ti can be used in Heresy II, but it is raccomended to add a pass band filter. Is a good choice the ti midrange in Heresy II? What a pass band filter is? I’m learning things about crossovers, but I’m not used to electronic. I’d like to know wich type of filter I need, where I can buy these filter and how to change the crossover. I know these are a lot of questions... I’m sorry thanks Simone
  4. simon

    Heresy II (best method for deeper bass?)

    Hello, I’m also looking for a replacement for Heresy 2 woofers becouse one of them has to be reconed. Here in Italy it’s hard to find reconing kit for k24k. But I can easily find bec woofers. Wich type of bec is the better option for heresy2? I don’t need extra bass performance, I like the sound of Heresy, but a bit more bass is not bad. I like very much the sound of Heresy 3, but here in Italy there’s not upgrade kit. So BEC is the only choice for me, maybe. thanks
  5. simon

    RP-280F vs Quartet vs Heresy III

    Thank you very much. It's really difficult to choose. There aren't shops near my home that have both. So I must choose according to my memory. Luckily I heard them with similar amplifiers (NAD, same brand that I have). I will have another try next week! Simone
  6. simon

    RP-280F vs Quartet vs Heresy III

    Hello Great review, thank you Grizzog. I'm going to buy new speakers. Now I have a pair of chario speakers: they sounds smooth and precise but lack emotion. Their sound is shy for me. I listen to rock, classical, electronic, sometimes jazz. I like very much piano, guitars and voices. I like very much the rp 280, that I heard in a shop, and Heresy that I heard in a house of friends of friends. I know Heresy are different speakers, I know they have more of everything, also price, and it's relevant to me. I know also that emotion is not universal and sound perception is different from one to another, but you heard both in the same condition, and I not. I cannot buy both: I have to choose. Are really the 280 a good compromise in terms of detail, emotion, precision and tonality for you? Sorry for my english Thanks Simon