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  1. Hi. My 115 SW started to shut down after a few minutes of use. I found many useful advices in this blog and decided to open it and try to fix it. R39 was all brown and the outer layer was flaking. 330uF /16V C18 was bulging and its rubber seal at the bottom was pushed out. Following the advice from this blog, I removed the resistor, three surrounding capacitors and the transistor Q6. To my surprise the 22uF capacitors and the transistor were fine and only C18 was blown. The resistor showed 820 Ohm even if it was badly burnt. That probably saved the other nearby components. I ordered the replacements for all parts I removed and I ordered a ceramic 10W resistor. The PA was working! But the new 10W resistor was hot. I could not believe that the Klipsch actually used a tucked in 3W graphite resistor. No wonder all glue close to the resistor was dark brown. Poor capacitors must have been cooking. That is one really bad design. I left the resistor in the air and made a simple enclosure out of copper strip and fastened it to the aluminum heat sink. Now the resistor was just warm. Not pretty, but it works. I am testing the unit before I plan to put it all together. One more thing. Someone said that the resistor is hot even on "auto" setting. Not with my sub. If I set it to auto, the sub goes on as soon as the AVR starts playing a surround sound. If I turn the AVR off, the green LED goes off after 10-20 minutes and the resistor cools down completely. So, the unit is not working when there is no signal and it is set to "auto". Good luck with your repairs. BTW no help from Klipsch or their main service. They just want to sell a new unit to me. They did not want to give schematics to me.
  2. Well, I found RP450C at a local Gibby's store in Ontario at a pretty deep discount and bought it. It works very well with RP280F fronts. I run Audyssey to set the volumes. RP450C was a bit too loud after the setup It was louder than the fronts, so I used test tones on my Denon X4200W to manually adjust the volumes. I lowered the volume of RP450C by 3dB and then the surround sound was perfect for my taste. RP450C interpreted the speech and centre action much better than I expected. Yesterday I watched some scenes from Die Hard and I could hear a hum when the microphone was moving to track the actors. Unbelievable. I did not know that a good centre speaker makes such difference even when the fronts are of great quality. I am now experimenting with the crossover. 60Hz for centre and fronts sounds the best to me. I temporarily arranged the equipment in a small 10x11ft room while I am renovating my basement. I am sure that the sound will be even better when I have larger room. Thank you all for your advice. Cheers, Sinisa
  3. I have a very small old centre speaker and when I paired it with RP280Fs, it just shrieked and ruined the overall sound quality.
  4. Hi all and thank you for quick and relevant responses. I was not aware that the center speaker is that important. The conclusion is: go for RP450C. Cheers, Sinisa
  5. Hi, I started to build my HT and music centre by purchasing two RP280F as fronts and an R115SW 15" sub. The amp is Denon X4200W (7.1, 125wpc). Needles to say that the speakers provide superb and crystal clear sound and that is especially noticeable with high notes and the deep bass. Stereo music plays perfectly on this configuration. I do not have a centre speaker and I have noticed that the dialogue in movies is somewhat harder to hear than with my old budget Panasonic 5.1 "Home Theater in a box" which provided pretty decent sound. It had a cheap centre speaker, but it obviously served its purpose as I could understand the dialogue better than with my new speakers. Since I drained my bank account when I purchased above mentioned goodies, I would like to get an advice if I could get away with RP250C centre speaker or I should go all the way and buy RP450C to match my RP280F fronts? I listen the movie tracks pretty loudly, but that is because I like movie music and special effects. The voice is important to me, but it does not have to stand out compared to the sound effects. I assume that a centre speaker is normally not used when playing music from CDs or online live feed like Google play or Deezer unless I play it in virtual surround mode. Right? Thanks in advance, Sinisa
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