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  1. either the site is down or the images didnt load.
  2. a amp with good amperage.....a amp that takes control of the speaker. not saying it cant, but a receiver isnt going to do that. to me, it just doesnt make sense to spend really good money on speakers and then run a receiver on it and then wonder why the sound isnt very good .
  3. is this for 2 channel audio or ? having been in the 2 channel side of the audio hobby for over 20 yrs ( recently got out ), i think you could do a lot better than a receiver with the Cornwalls have you gone to any other sites besides the Accessories4less ?
  4. just got a pair of Klipsch 600m ii and want to get a pair of stands for them, but dont want to pay $200 for them unless i have to. what other stands out there will work with these speakers ?
  5. i was already planning on putting the 600's on stands and can probably get away with putting them closer to the back wall where the Ohms i cant. then i have the two subs and they can go either in front of the 600's or in back and that all depends on where the 600's go. i think that is part of the issue that i am having when it comes to the 2 channel side is that i need a more open area for things to breath.....as years ago at our other house, i had the system in the living room / cathedral ceilings and the sound was amazing ( good separation / detail / soundstage, it was all there ) and i moved the system to the master bedroom which was a good size room 15 x 20 x 8, but it wasnt as open and i lost everything. And this is what i have experienced in this new house also.....the music sounds great, has good detail , center imaging, but that is where it ends. no separation / no soundstage .
  6. but then wouldnt that be another reason to not use the Ohms and go with the 600m's that i just bought ? which was something i did think about .
  7. after being in the 2 channel side of things for 20+ years, i decided to call it quits. we recently moved from one house to another and this current room, i just couldnt make it work for 2 channel, and i had room treatments, tried moving speakers, this way , that way , forward / backward, you name it and it was always the same result....tried different preamps, amps, etc... and i had enough. i still have to get the speaker cable for the rear surrounds and the tv ( wife is getting that in another week ), the futon , speaker stands , tv stand and then start setting everything up. so it will be a few weeks yet, but definitely looking forward to this.
  8. but i think i did answer your question if you read what i said to YK Thom....but i will reply to you so you understand. if i have them to close to the wall then they are to boomy and i dont need that since i have two subs that i also need to use for the ht. then if i move the Ohms out into the room more, then they are going to be to close to the side surrounds...... and as i said in my comment, if the room was bigger, then maybe this wouldnt be a big deal, but there is only so much room i have in a 12 x 12 area to play with. YK Thom gave me a reply and i can try his suggestions of the settings with the Ohms and see how that works and if it doesnt, then i have the 600'S that i just bought.
  9. i might have answered your question below.......
  10. @ YK Thom thanks for the reply..... i have the Walsh 2 that have been upgraded. i only listened to them a few times when i had the 2 channel setup and then i decided to get out of the 2 channel side of things and they have just been sitting there, and then i got the idea of doing this ht / gaming setup and here we are. the room we have is only 11 x 12 x 8 or lets just say 12 x 12 x 8 and if i put the Ohms closer to the wall, then the low end increases and that would be fine if i was doing 2 channel , but we arent. so yes i can move them out into to the room, but i cant move them to much out into the room as then they are going to be to close to the side surrounds. if the room was bigger, then of course this wouldnt be an issue , but there is only so much i can do with a room this size. i can try your suggestion of the settings....and i do have a avr, and last night i was able to get lucky and a member on another site was selling a pair of Klipsch 600m ii, so i was able to grab them this morning.
  11. @ Khornukopia maybe we will get lucky, we shall see. i ran across a member at another site that has a pair of klipsch 600m ii for sale and that is why i started this thread to see if they would work for fronts and told the seller i was interested in purchasing them and then nothing.
  12. when we talk of corner speakers on the klipsch Forum . we refer to a Khorn which i get i even though i might be new here, i have had a few pair of klipschs over the years.....but Khorns and Ohms...not even close.
  13. I'm confused then......as then you should have had an idea as to what i was referring to when i said Ohm speaker then .....but you said this : which how do you get Ohm and Klipschhorn ?
  14. @ 001 No. Ohm Acoustic speakers. most people just call them Ohm . Ohm Speakers | Custom Audiophile Speakers for Music & Home Theater
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