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  1. I use Amazon for the most part these days.  Hard to find much in stores any more since they carry less and less selection of disc based media.


    I have collected hundreds of music dvd and blu rays.  Love the concert formats instead of the old MTV style music videos.  I find I can enjoy the concert music video more often then watching the some movie repeatedly.


    I highly recommend Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (Blu-ray), Pink Floyd - Pulse (DVD), Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour (Blu-ray), Rush - R30 or R40 (Blu-ray), and Ladies & Gentemen - The Rolling Stones (DVD).  


    There a so many good choices to pick from.....depending on your taste.   I keep an eye out on music news sites and bluray.com for upcoming new releases.


    Some artists are very prolific about releasing videos and have a large catalog to choose from.  The Rolling Stones have a HUGE catalog to pick from.  I still have not found any commercial releases by Bob Seger or Boston....too bad cause I would love that.


    Happy shopping and patient waiting on the mail.  It will be well worth your effort and you will enjoy them for years to come.


  2. I have a similar system that I have used for years (since 03) and have been very happy.  RF3s, RC3, RB8s.  I have some Polk 8 inch in ceiling speakers from the previous home owner that I use for ATMOS with my Yamaha 1060 receiver.  I recently upgraded my sub to a used RSW-12 that rocks.  My room is only 15 x 17 it this system puts out plenty of volume and quality tone for movies and music concert videos.  It will be getting a lot of use over the holidays.  I have been on the look out for a used set of RF-7 on the local Craiglis for a potential upgrade down the road.  Good luck with your system.  I am sure you will enjoy it.

  3. You should all be ashamed if you don't have this in your library if you like The Eagles.  Great video and audio quality...and standard demo disc that get a lot of use by me.  About 70% of my home video library is music concert blu-rays and dvd.  Can play them more often and enjoy than repeated movie viewings.  Now....if Boston and Bob Seger would just get around to releasing some home videos it would be awesome.

  4. I just got a atoms capable receiver.  BB had 40% off closeout on the Yamaha RX-A1060.  It does 5.2.2....I am only using 1 sub.


    I have set up the receiver pretty easy since my last one was Yamaha also and only a few years old.


    I was expecting the atmos sound to be more pronounced or discrete.  I have the levels on the ceiling speakers turned up pretty good.  I think they contribute to the overall presence pretty well but I have not noticed much "discrete" sound on a couple of movies so far.


    Anyone have experience with the Atmos setup and can recommend any movies / scenes with a really good example of the sound potential?



  5. Is there a general volume level for the auto-on to be triggered and turn on the sub.  I have an RSW-12.  If i am listening at a moderate level at night, I have to crank the volume a bit to get the sub to switch on ... and then I turn the volume back down some.  About 15 or 20 minutes later the sub turns off due to the lower volume for night watching while the kids are asleep.


    What are some of your experiences with this topic?


    I assume it could also vary on getting a true 5.1 signal from a blu ray versus a stereo or other type of signal from the cable box.


    Any yes.....I would prefer to have the volume cranked up more all the time.....just not always practice with sleeping kids or the wife making business calls.





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  6. These pics were from the seller's place.  He did have some Chorus models I got to hear while demoing the sub.  He has a nice system setup and great sound.  Another Klipsch fan for sure.  He had done a great job of restoring the Chorus speakers and cleaning them up from the condition he got them.


    I have my sub pointed diagonally into the corner instead of square to either wall.  No sure what difference it is acoustically with the sound waves.  The rear firing and front passive driver is certainly different than my last front ported and firing RW-12.  I think the bass sounds tighter with a little less bloom.  Will try to push it a little harder later this weekend.

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  7. Not practical in my room layout to have 2 subs diagonally across from each other.  Could do 2 up front maybe, or 2 on the left side wall.  I'm really happy with the 1.  I don't listen a reference levels that often.  I think the power difference between my old one is significant.  I know the peak went from about 600 to almost 2400 I think.  That is quite the reserve.  I look forward to trying out some more music & movies.  Got to wait for the wife to run an errand so I can push the volume up for a bit.  I couldn't imagine a 15 cranked  up.  More than my taste....but the each their own.  I think there will some difference in tone between the ported RW-12 and the non-ported RSW-12.




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  8. I got a killer deal on a used RSW-12 on Craigslist in Houston for $350.  Thanks Cesar.


    It is in just about perfect condition and looks super clean with the exception of on very tiny unnoticeable ding that is partially hidden by the grill cover.  I will touch up the spot with a black marker at some point I guess.


    I have wanted one to go with my RF-3II, RB-5, & RC3 setup since I bought them in 03-04.  It is replacing the RW-12 that has served me well.  I may hook both up and try it out for a while but I really don't feel I need 2 subs.  Have been pretty happy with one.  Room size is only about 14 x 17.


    I put the SVS isolation feet on it to reduce the room rattles and vibration downstairs (got to keep the wife happy).


    So far, so good.  I have watched the Eagles blu ray and the sound is great.  The San Andreas movie was awesome with the new sub.  Will experiment with placement tuning (facing a corner now) over the next couple weeks and likely put my old one on Craigslist for a couple hundred I guess.



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