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  1. I do feel like I got a good deal on the package set. The RF7s also came with cut / beveled tempered glass tops (which is sweet for display purposes - I can actually put stuff on top without worry). I think $800-$1,000 would be a going price for just the RF7s in good condition. I guess it depends on your location and budget. I personally like the look of the Gen 1 speakers from this early 2000 era. I hope to never part with mine.
  2. Last year about this time I paid $1,200 for a set of RF7(I) and an RC7 that were in just about new condition. They all have the Dean G cross-over upgrades. Moved my 15 year old RF3s to rear surround duty. Also picked up a uses RSW-12 the previous summer for around $300 I believe. I am THRILLED with the performance and can't see the need to upgrade. I would like to eventually get a used set of Fortes if I can ever make space for them. There is also a set local on CL in Houston that is listed for $1,200...which I think might be a bit high. Will check to see how long they last on the site.
  3. I have one and they are awesome. Lots of output in my 15 x 17 room. I'm sure it will work in an even larger space. I have my output level dialed down a bit. Lots of power.
  4. Are the Quartet's still available for sale? Curious. Been thinking about adding a Heritage set to my collection.
  5. Looking forward to the new Avengers on Blu-ray to rock on my system. My guess is around August. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it.
  6. Scratch that itch. I did a couple on months ago and upgraded my RF3-I to RF7-I and my old RC3 to RC7. Great improvement. The simple and most dramatic answer would be the speaker upgrade. After all....it is the last link in the chain before our ears....it's what we actually hear (not to say the other links are not important). On the down side....I have a couple of extra RC3 I need to sell that are not being used.
  7. I switched the cable last night and the xbox did recognize the TV as UHD and display the screen the proper size. I tried out The Last Jedi as a demo and the opening scenes still looked a bit grey / washed out on the dark black of space. So I decided to get off the fence and bought a Oppo 203 before they were gone. Got the last one available at my local Best Buy. I have hooked it up very quickly and updated the firmware. Initial test shows a much improved picture. Definitely more like I was expecting UHD. The colors are much better and the tv recognized the signal as UHD even running through my receiver. The picture quality looked much like OLED...which I very much like. Will try out some other discs and DVDs this weekend as well as digging into the setting on the Oppo. Thanks to all for you advise and help.
  8. I experimented with the settings to no avail. My xbox indicates my display is not UHD capable (I know it is) even with the HDMI hooked directly to the TV. The numerous setting configurations on the Xbox is complete overload and just too dam difficult to figure out. How is the average consumer supposed to know how many bits the video should be. This is absurd. I may try a Sony 800 series 4k player to see if the picture quality is any better and return it if there is not an improvement. All I can say for sure right now is that I am unimpressed with 4K video quality on my system as it is. I will not be buying any more discs since they don't appear to be significantly better than the upgraded 4k conversion that my oppo 103 does the blu rays I have. I bought the Xbox one x strictly with the intent of using the 4k video player in addition to the console. At this point I wish I had kept my old xbox and went with a separate player. Too many headaches.
  9. I have a 1 1/2 year old Sony X930D. I have found some additional settings in the xbox that allow to designate the output as 4K through HDMI. There is also a setting a allow for automatic detection of the output signal. I have to get in a dig around some more. The xbox is also going in a Yamaha 1060 receiver and then one single connection to the TV. I guess I could rewire to run to the TV and ARC to the receiver. I was thinking of upgrading to the Oppo 203 but with the news about Oppo shutting down production I am afraid the needed firmware updates to support the player will not be lasting too long. I may go with a cheaper Sony 4K player for half the price and use my Oppo 103 for the bulk of my watching with blu ray and dvd discs. Sometime when I turn the xbox on the whole screen display is about 1/4 of the size of the entire display....like it shrank to a 18" size. I have to completely unplug the xbox and restart it and then the video goes back to filling up the entire 65" screen. I have about had enough of all the HDMI issues. It's becoming more pain then it's worth. Never had constant problems with this when things were analog. It would be nice if the engineering side of the equipment would get things to function perfectly instead of rushing to build new features and then spending years to get it to work at the consumers expense.
  10. I just finished watching The Last Jedi on 4k via the Xbox One X. The clarity of the images looked good but the color did not seem to "POP" much to me. I have watched a few other movies that have had a more impressive color pallet. My question if for anyone that has a Oppo 4K player and an Xbox One X. Is there a significant improvement in the video quality between the two. I thought the Xbox would be a stop gap measure to migrate into the 4K video world and enjoy a few games (like my first venture into blu-ray with the original Sony PS3). I currently have an Oppo 103 that does 4k up conversion of most blu rays and I have been really happy with it so I haven't been in a rush to spend the money for another player if I can make the X Box work. I figured I might get a new version of the Oppo player maybe later this year....if the video presentation is worth it. I sure hate to sideline my 103. Thanks for you feedback.
  11. Good luck on your search. I hit craigslist daily for months before giving up locally (Houston). Wound up taking a day long drive to get a RF-7 / RC-7 set from a forum member that had the DeanG crossover upgrades. Well worth the long drive and effort. I can't imagine ever wanting to get rid of them. Keep up the search...it will be worth it.
  12. MSRP prices scare me away from buying their new products. I love their new stuff but MSRP on some of it costs and arm and a leg. I recently upgraded my 15+ year old system with used 1st gen RF-7. Big improvement that didn't cost sooo much by getting used gear. Much more efficient use of my money.
  13. The speakers are sold. These now have a new home in Houston. It was great to meet "Kriton". He is a real audio lover and Klipsch guy for sure. The speakers were in superb condition exactly as his original post. He was very accommodating to my schedule due to the long travel and bad weather. I made some extra padding from cheap sport seat cushions at Walmart. Put them under each end of the box after it was wrapped in plastic bag and a tarp (lots of rain that weekend). They arrived home without any damage (despite the rough highways in some areas). Now set up and rocking...more fine tuning to come.
  14. No longer on the quest. I made it to TN to pick up the pair for sale. Really enjoying the new RF7 and RC7.
  15. I found a pair about 5 hours north of me last fall...but was busy that weekend dealing with hurricane Harvey. I thought it a bit much to try and drive through the storm with my truck loaded down with speakers.....but it was tempting. There is a pair of RF-7 II for sale locally. I may check them out this weekend. I have read reviews about the improvement in sound on the next gen. I guess the 1st gen stuff is just harder to find due to age or original sales numbers.
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