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  1. Thank you for your aswers . I'll keep experimenting till i get the best results. Have a nice weekend !
  2. in the second occasion when using the "40HZ "track the bass softly licked the back of my couch but i had no success with the rest of the songs.
  3. By the way I've used 2 tracks to check all these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUu_5dziOV8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ7vQQp-DwU they are the tracks with the most continuous bass I've found in Youtube.
  4. Ok . First of all have a nice day to all and thank you for cooperating with my problem. i 've made a picture with 6 occasions of different subwoofer positions in my room and the observations I,ve made with only my ears. Let's say : YELLOW: when i dont hear the bass ORANGE: when the bass is decent RED : when i felt my ears hurting
  5. would i have results if i gave it a lift in a taller surface? Maybe the sound waves are just dissapearing in the sofa's surface and never reflect ! Any opinions on that?
  6. HELLO GUYS AGAIN ! O bought today a Klipsch WA-2 and placed the subwoofer at the back of my room left from my bed where the bass was at its fullest and unfortunately i had no results. I think buying a second subwoofer can be risky . Maybe my room just doesnt suppoport it. The funny thing is that i've tried to place the subwoofer wirelesly EVERYWHERE in the room and in all cases it was not detectable at the main position i want it to be ! !
  7. Thank you for all your answers. Ill try sub crawl for the moment and i ll probably add a 2nd sub in the future . THANKS
  8. I have set to small only the side speakers ! Should i place the subwoofer next to my bed in the left side?
  9. The r115 supports wireless connection with the receiver . Then which place in this room could be the best place for the sub. OR for the second sub(but i dont prefer to get a second sub for now at least)
  10. Hello to everyone. I have the follwing system: Klipsch R115 SW Klipsch R28 F x2 front Klipsch R15M x2 side Denon AVR x3300W Samsung 49" tv 4K My problem is that in some parts of my room the bass doesnt sound at all ( seriously , like is turn off) , but as i move in the back of my room it starts to sound very boomy and hard even if i change the direction it is facing ! In the yellow area is the part that the bass doesnt sound at all , when i move to the purple area the bass SUDDENLY HITS LIKE BANG! and in the red area is where the bass sounds the hardest ! ANY HELP ?
  11. Thank you for your answers. About the issue that the sound comes louder on the left side of the system . Could it be that the size of the room is a trapezium or Could it be that the subwoofer is on the left side? ( I may have the sub's crossover too high and it plays sounds that should come only from the tower speakers)
  12. Hello to everyone. I have this Sound system Denon Avr 3300w 2x Klipsch R-28f front speakers 2x Klipsch R-15m Surround speakers 1x Klipsch R-115 SW Sub Samsung 49" 4k Tv My question is , i want to upgrade it to either 7.2 and add another sub ,the center speaker and the 2 side speakers or upgrade it to 5.2.2 and add the center, the sub and another 2 dolby atmos front speakers to fit up to my R-28 F 's. The picture at the bottom is exactly my room. What should i do and for what reason. Btw I've calibrated my system with the Denon Audyssey XT 32 and the sound comes a little more noticeable from the left side of my system.
  13. to be exact cause i just learnt this. The speakers dont have the same white noise when i test their tone. An this happens on my R15 M 's too for some reason!
  14. I use this generally for music and a little for movies. But some times i do parties and the volume goes a little Very much louder. I want to use the all the speakers in Stereo Multichannel mode to "embrace" the room with sound . Should i buy an additional Power Amplifier ( to Bi-Amp ) to avoid damaging the speakers ? and if yes, which PA do you suggest?
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