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  1. Got the plans for the false walls?. I need to build them.thanks.
  2. Thanks all for good suggestions. I was hoping to find another Belle in Rosewood to use in the set up. I purchased 2 khorns and 1 belle in rosewood years ago and owner told me the 3 piece set in rosewood was only offered to top salesmen? Not sure about that anyone know? I'll scrap the klipsch d sub . Would love a good tube amp if anyone has an extra one laying around. I have $$. I am building some false walls this weekend for the khorns and updating my theater room in my 1500 sq ft basement as a tribute to my late wife who helped me drive thru 7 states (NC to Texas and back in 26 hours nonstop!) to help me pick these speakers up years ago. She loved them as much as I did , but I never got to placing them correctly in the room. Only one speaker had a good corner. I won;t ramble on. From Charlotte NC, thanks all.
  3. Got 2khorns for front channels,2 Belle's for rear, Klipsch 12"sub, What to use for a center channel?. Denon avr5800 amp.
  4. Hi got the plans for those false walls? Can't seem to find plans on forum ,just pictures. Any help appreciated.
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