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  1. I would of bought them if he sent me some pictures. I thought that was a great price on them as well. I hope your son enjoys them for a long time.
  2. I would like to see pictures if you have any. I’m only a few hours drive as well. I have money in hand just waiting on picture.
  3. Picture would be great Dean. I’m out of Toledo area. Not to far from you.
  4. ShakyNate

    LaScala SOUTHFIELD, MI... Auction

    Thx, I have a pair of Forte I that I upgraded the caps and crites *** tweeters. I have a 300b Antique Sound Lab amps running the Fortes. The rest is all Jolida tube components.
  5. ShakyNate

    LaScala SOUTHFIELD, MI... Auction

    Same here. I was tops 700.