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  1. wondering which one?
  2. YEAH..... I'll go with the Kangaroo
  3. @The Dude ouch, chasing hum. There are a lot of things out there to diagnose with much better results, but ... yeah.. gotta chase it down. I can only offer one suggestion here, which is shorting plugs. Make up a set of RCA plugs that are shorted (AT) the plug, as short as possible to the plug body. Using RCA barrels for cable testing, or just the plug at the amplifier inputs. Start at the amplifier, shorting the input and note the level of volume of hum on the volume knob, hopefully almost zero at full volume. Using the plugs with the barrels, one cable at a time one end plugged into that input, the other end shorting plug, note the level of him then on the volume control, again it "Should" be almost zero, but depending on the shielding there might be an increase. Once you know these things, then your source (CD, TAPE, DAC) plugged in to the same, and or through known cable of silence, if there is hum, then it may be within the source or the source cables. Now to make things more confusing, it is possible that is not the case, and just tuning the power cord around in the receptacle could make things better or worse. Opening the dreaded chase of ground loops. It sounds like you are speaking of the inclusion of a cable here increases the hum you hear, which may be shielding problems in that cable. If you connect a cable to an input and just let it lay there open ended (no shorting plugs) you should get hum, as the cable is now acting like an antenna to the magnetic fields in your listening area. but shorting the cable should eliminate that hum unless the shielding is poor or broken. Keep in mind that a piece of equipment "IS" an antenna in itself, so the manufacturing engineering should have already resolved that with equipment grounding. I must talk safety here as well, since I suggest reversing the AC input to equipment, if it is 3 prong grounded then do NOT change that no matter what. Doing so "COULD" depending on what receptacles being used present 230 Volts between the 2 different sockets. (Opposed phase USA wiring for homes) I have experienced using perfectly silent cables to hook up device cause terrible hum, and changing to a different cable reduces the hum, and that same cable that hums is perfectly silent on a different device. In that case it was the capacitance and inductance of that cable was not a good fit for the one device. So many things that will cause or solve the problem of hum. I wish you Luck and SUCCESS here in the chase. PM me if you wish and it shall be good to have the resolution posted here for others to ponder as they enter the chase. Point of interest in this as I have been chasing down a hum here, and I finally found the source of the hum, and was not a cable (I thought it had to be one breaking down) but my cassette deck, just being plugged in was the cause, so the device will need repaired. This hum was being caused by old capacitors inside that are across the AC breaking down. I found this by a symptom of brushing my hand across the device I felt that famous electric buzzing. I hope this is helpful and good luck!
  4. Laughing at the thought... I should offer a pool on what it "WILL BE" he plays first but I ain't a gambling man so... I am fairly sure it will be a Marillion album, but keeping with @KROCK I shall suggest "Dark Side of the Moon" That or the Smothers Brothers "It must have been something I said"
  5. ehhh strange mood today, must be the weather So... not what I usually go to, but then I have to wonder why? Good stuff
  6. Good morning Youtube group and of course all the red head kids Jazzy mood today
  7. @billybob I just want to know if ya got your waders ready? Hopefully you haven't been at risk yet..
  8. Still stuck in the 60's here Ok this one is early 70's LOL
  9. But... I gotta ask!!!! sounds delicious been hankerin for some BBQ.
  10. Dunno.. just sounded good so
  11. Mellow day, had to go back to the early days here... just subtle and quiet
  12. Did not get any sympathy... because...
  13. I'm just looking for some sympathy...
  14. Yeah!! thing is "I "AM" the PITA, Headstone: Settled on "I'll be back!"
  15. We Lived!... through it all Here to remember it all... now Tooo many that can't...sadly
  16. Hmm yeah I think your right, I was the one with the aluminum Baseball bat, my friends had the chains or black gas pipes, it had to be in a very dark alley for sure. We were just playing baseball, might be that you were the Ball?
  17. Have to start the day with something.. memories... different and reflects the rebellious nature of my soul so... 1967 just a song inline with my youth troubles I was giving to society!
  18. Very nice @Abomb It is good when everything comes together...ENJOY!
  19. A Lot of memories in this, just a good listen!
  20. To Remember: John, Gary, Brandon, Steve, Eric, Daniel, ... so many many more. Thank you
  21. Hang tough buddy, hang in until you can no longer... then go to t.... .... just don't get caught, after hours is more successful.
  22. A Bit of a migraine here so the prescription is to not look away from the dot, ..The dot? umm which one? the red or the blue do prescription 4 times a day until migraine subsides.... there is no guarantee this will help and may have side effects, is best taken with several adult beverages on an empty stomach...
  23. Michael Lee Aday born Marvin Lee Aday so yeah Same in the one. Not sure when he adopted the Michael thing and not sure why the Michael thing popped in my head either, meant to say Marvin LOL ehhh brain cells scrambled today anyway
  24. Mmmmm yeah ty @billybob
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