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  1. Catching up here. @MicroMara WOW! That HURTS!! Just to look at. I am so sorry you are dealing with this type of injury @GWSmith I do wish you would employ a neighbor to "Steady" your ladder, a spotter that is recommended by safety organizations. I fear for you come Xmas lights time! I share my thoughts KNOWING I am just as guilty here... Just as guilty My thoughts are with you all No spinning today (Yet) going to be doing some wire routing (re-wiring) to chase down an intermittent hum I heard last night. Be careful and get well quickly! Tim
  2. Yes, same recording, just a different sleeve, Amazon has one of the sleeve I have but... $111.00???? WAY over priced I think
  3. Yes! That would be the Same one
  4. Good question! The short and simple answer is this is the recording I grew up on/with, was the required reference to how we would perform the Brandenburg's and was to be our Hear all, Dream all, Feel all, ..etc assignment. At least it was Bach to listened to thousands of times, over n over again. Very Strict Conductor!
  5. I will be keeping you in my thoughts @Dave1291 , knowing the neuropathy and care for the feet. You are the 2nd person I know of that has had to warm their feet after the cold set in, and I Pray you will fare Much better than the other case. Enjoy the you tubes and do everything it takes to get those feet to heal!
  6. Ehh Really I'm good. Time will resolve my lacking. I am not for wanting...mostly. I AM!! for more spinning though! Not just any spin though...
  7. Jealousy.... the only description
  8. Have my eyes on another Stanton... 681-EEE I always wanted to try that one out. Have several Pickering barely used from the 70's I will be playing with as well. Always a tough choice I have so I am collecting more headshells. Currently have the Shure M91 ED, Empire 2000 and the Stanton 737 E mounted. When I get up the nerve I will mount the Micro Acoustics MA 530 MP up and spin with it a while.
  9. Starting my day off with a bit of the pipe..s
  10. HEYY there @Mossy bottom really good to see ya. Do you know what is causing the sizzling and pops on the Dynaco's? This concerns me TBH Old Reel to Reels, other than the Revox and the Atari's? Glad to see you back
  11. I was having similar thoughts..... Someone forgot to pay the bills... Just glad to see things up and running again.
  12. Time I bid you all goodnight
  13. Goodnight @MicroMara
  14. Totally nuts!! Hawks need to grow up really
  15. Good Evening @Full Range@dirtmudd
  16. how does that sound?
  17. I will add I can relate @MicroMarawith the Lumbago. Doing contrast therapy here for the same
  18. Oh! and Hello @MicroMara
  19. yep as ya know I can not post in here "YET".....sent ya PM
  20. Note to self:"Read everything first" Well now that is joyous news then! yeah I see now what I missed. Where is Leroy Gibbs when I need a head smack!?
  21. @Dave1290A very speedy recovery to you
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