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  1. This is not actually an update, LOL more like a confession . I have finished treating the wood and things are getting better here weather wise, watching humidity and seems we are almost spring like here, I have only been keeping the wood from drying out too much before I start the repairs. I figures on doing the electrical testing by now but here is my confession: these little guys are work horses right now, I am enjoying "HEARING" things so much that I have procrastinated the crossover testing and re-capping. I do have the replacement caps for both ready if needed, and got the new test bench part finished, so it is just getting my rear in gear here. I also confess that the amp project still has priority and is starting to take shape (on paper) and I have threatened over in RTM on starting thread in Tubes'nMore section of the build. So that is what n where it is happening here, not forgotten and truly procrastinated. Tim
  2. I am going to have to add this one to my GET list!
  3. Thank you Mike, I had totally forgotten about B&N selling Vinyl.
  4. Now that is weird! I got a 2nd copy of the same album since original is stored away, and Exactly the same issues it has
  5. Maybe dye it black Mike?
  6. yeah, that's the ticket! I too have had to do complete system block diagrams to watch out for ground and signal loops. I am glad I have done the virtual wiring thing ahead of the build as it has shown me several problems, and change the direction I was going to take in the build. I am segregating the AC, the Power and the signal paths so they can not interact with each other. It is funny how as I look at the virtual wiring and harness I see total mess, yet once I stitch the harness I know it will not be so bad. thanks for the comment Comay
  7. I never knew anyone that could or would fall asleep during a ELP play, it was just too soothing LOL so onward with side stepping I did.
  8. Going backwards in time once more
  9. ahh ok, it was 1965 pop culture thing, not quite rock Made think about another album tucked away, cannot remember the name but it some organ name plays the Beatle's, also 1965. Still searching Discogs for it.
  10. I edited that meant to say Gary Lee Lewis, Jerry's brother
  11. Remember Gary Lee Lewis and the Playboys? ie "This Diamond Ring"
  12. yep, so was Pictures, and I really liked their first album (ELP)
  13. ok now going backwards here
  14. Stopped at the storage unit today and just puddled around a bit, to figure out if I can get to some of the good stuff (Albums, turntables... ) and did find a nice little package. It had my phono switch boxes and the tone arm from the Thorens table.
  15. sounds like me here, having to repeat 3/4 an album from flitting about
  16. Oh and Good Evening Paul
  17. It is only fair that I join you in this, I do have a copy of this in storage. GREAT Album too
  18. Tim Sr.

    This is it Guys

    Congratulations George. Now it is time to do the George things!
  19. @JohnJ The antenna was for a FM tuner. That seemed to be the "ONLY" spot I could get a decent signal for my favorite station. Move it one inch and the hassle to get it right would begin all over. It was ugly but it worked.
  20. as a mechanical engineer, you might appreciate this mess Initial layout of wiring and components, will take this into a Printed circuit program next to clean up a lot of excess wires.
  21. Yep, I did. Never heard back from them, but when they are in the USA, one never knows!!
  22. Those are really nice looking support brackets, special order? What did you use for the hand rail? Maple?
  23. They are not short on the services, just that I could make a few hundred bucks a day off these fella's, figuring on 3 to 4 bows a day .
  24. NICE!!! I am also a Mechanical and Electrical engineer or was, now retired, and will be focusing mostly on the violin and guitar making. That handrail is really nice, clean excellent craftsmanship there.
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