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  1. I have had the Heresy III and traded them for the Forte IV.   Heresy are great, no doubt.   They are the exact same footprint , the Forte needs to be away from the front wall.    A foot , two feet, it depends on the room.  I rarely use my REL sub since getting the Forte.   Maybe for movies, but they go pretty low . I think the sub is unnecessary with most material with these speakers.  They have made me stop thinking about whats better....  I don't have too much space in this room and these are a perfect fit.   

  2. I have had the Forte IV since the week they came out.  I love them, big step up from the Heresy III which was great in it's own right.   The Forte IV is much more refined than your granpappie's Klipsch.   Paired with a Toolshed Amps 300b ,  I have spent many late nights listening to them.   Listening right now actually....

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  3. Yes the Mid Monos are killer amps for sure.  I honestly don't think there is anything even near their price quite like them.  I just pulled a pair out of service and am wondering whether or not to keep or sell.  Common sense says sell but I think I may regret that some day.   Huge value amps for the money 

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  4. Yes,  the Forte IV is a great speaker at lower volumes .    I think I had one of the first pairs along with Fido and after a year and a half I am still loving them. They sound great with any good amp and phenomenal if the components paired with them are of high quality.    Could this be my last speaker?   Possibly, they are that good.   

    I just retired my Quicksilver Mid Monos and am driving them with a Toolshed 300b and is sounds amazing.  Not that it didn’t before, but with WE 300b there are layers of detail that were masked before.   These speakers are awesome with the right amp.    


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  5. Thanks for the kind words,  The Toolshed amp sounds better than it looks...    Amazing clarity that I have never experienced in a Push Pull amp.   Layers and layers of detail .   Dead silent background and zero mechanical noise or hum.   I am really enjoying this through my Forte IV, perfect combination. 

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  6. Thanks for the kind words.   Workmanship is over the top.....  sounds incredible with my Forte IV and Zesto Leto preamp driving it .   It cost the same as a CJ , Mac, or any other amp in the same league and yes it was worth the wait and cost.    Matt promised me an exceptional amp and he delivered in a big way.

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  7. I loaded up this week, a quad of  JJ 6l6gc, quad of JJ EL34, 8 Nos Mullard e180f, 2 pr JJ 12ax7,  2 pair JJ 12ax7 gold , 2 pair  JJ 12au7 gold pin, JJ 12at7,  pair JJ EL84,  2 5r4gy..... I should have enough for a long time.   

  8. They would still not be cheap.   Something “cheap” is not always a good value.   

    He has built versions in a plain box before ...  not sure if this form factor lends itself to doing that easily.   

    I am betting heavily that these amps are more than “glam”.   I will find out very soon ....

    Aside from quality parts in and out there is a LOT of fabrication.   I don’t think people understand how much labor is involved in a build like this.   For anyone who hasn’t , visit his site..... Not many people possess the skills to build stuff like that.   

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  9. Decware and Toolshed comparisons really aren’t apples to apples.   The Decware amps are mostly pentode tubes wired in Triode in most of their amps. Nothing wrong with using that scheme , sounds great but much less power than the same tubes in PP.

    The Toolshed is a DHT running 300b tubes...   they couldn’t be more different other than being low power.   Sure it’s a “simple circuit”  but to employ it to be quiet is not so simple.   Not cheap either.   


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