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  1. I loaded up this week, a quad of  JJ 6l6gc, quad of JJ EL34, 8 Nos Mullard e180f, 2 pr JJ 12ax7,  2 pair JJ 12ax7 gold , 2 pair  JJ 12au7 gold pin, JJ 12at7,  pair JJ EL84,  2 5r4gy..... I should have enough for a long time.   

  2. They would still not be cheap.   Something “cheap” is not always a good value.   

    He has built versions in a plain box before ...  not sure if this form factor lends itself to doing that easily.   

    I am betting heavily that these amps are more than “glam”.   I will find out very soon ....

    Aside from quality parts in and out there is a LOT of fabrication.   I don’t think people understand how much labor is involved in a build like this.   For anyone who hasn’t , visit his site..... Not many people possess the skills to build stuff like that.   

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  3. Decware and Toolshed comparisons really aren’t apples to apples.   The Decware amps are mostly pentode tubes wired in Triode in most of their amps. Nothing wrong with using that scheme , sounds great but much less power than the same tubes in PP.

    The Toolshed is a DHT running 300b tubes...   they couldn’t be more different other than being low power.   Sure it’s a “simple circuit”  but to employ it to be quiet is not so simple.   Not cheap either.   


  4. I would like a Marantz Model 8b please, with all the tube goodness in a solid state 1/2  1RU size ......  I had a Carver 1.0 , was supposed to sound like tubes....it didn't.    Wasn't bad but not a great amp by any metric.



  5. “If you were to hand me your amplifier and not allow me to look inside it or anything, just allow me to measure some in and out characteristics I will build you an amplifier that sounds identical and nobody would be able to tell the difference in a blind test. Your amp could be tubes and my amp could be solid state but still have the same sonic attributes, by nature of course I will try and accomplish this as inexpensive as possible too.”


    I call “ BULLSHIT” here.  One of the funniest things I think I’ve ever read

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  6. Hi,  Matt is building my 300b right now....    It will be loaded with Hitachi Fine Met OT and vintage main PS and chokes.  Lots of other good stuff in there , NOS Rectifier and input tubes and new production Western Electric 300b’s


    Can’t wait,  will post pics and impressions soon

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  7. Kudos to Roy and Co.   The Forte IV are so good !!!!    I just replaced my preamp with a Zesto Leto and my system sounds incredible.   If you're not familiar with Zesto , check them out .  This preamp elevated my system to a level of performance that is jaw dropping.   An incredible preamp, it has everything you could want for ins and outs and the sound is beyond reproach.    


    The best thing about the Forte IV is that they really show off any changes to your system.   The difference in the Zesto and my CJ Classic was staggering .   Mind blown....  my brother was over the night I set it up and he just stood there with a stupid look on his face.... these speakers are worthy of top notch electronics.    I am having a Toolshed 300b amp built which should mesh well with the Zesto....


    Thanks Roy






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  8. I just set up my new (NIB) Zesto Leto preamp.  Sure, its sexy as hell....but the really beauty is in its sound and features.   The rear panel is absolutely what sold me on it.   Two pair of RCA out and 2 pair of XLR out.  HT bypass when off, ground lift for each channel.  


    Blown away by some very familiar tracks.   Awesome dynamic range , best bass  I've ever experienced at home.   Amazing sounding component.   

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