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  1. I am having a problem with one of my RW-1 Wireless speakers. It won't connect or show up on my Network. I have tried to unplug it and while plugging it in, holding the power button down for at least 5 seconds to no avail to try and run the Klipsch Utility. When it was working, I often lost communication while playing Pandora music. I am a Comcast Xfi customer and have good wifi in the home. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Instead of going with the typical Home Theater with external speakers, I had opted to purchase an RSB-11 Sound Bar with the Wireless Sub. I still have an Onkyo Home Theater Receiver that I would like to incorporate into my RSB-11. I know that the RSB-11 is basically stand alone, but I have older an older CD changer and Karaoke system that I want to tie into the Klipsch RSB-11. I also have two Klipsch RW-1's and the Klipsch Gate that I was hoping to tie in with all of my equipment so that I can listen to the older equipment via my RW-1's through the Gate. Right now I am kinda looking for a way to have all of this equipment connected and interactive, so that I can hear the older CD changer, Karaoke, etc. through the RSB-11 and RW-1's utilizing the Gate. Anyone with a set up schematic or road map for how to accomplish this would be helpful if this is even doable. Thanks, jsam1951
  3. Chad and Klipsch Support Group, I just wanted to Thank You for your Help in getting this Order Issue resolved. My belief in Klipsch has been restored. Thanks Again...
  4. Just wanted to mention another issue that popped up with the online ordering system. I saw that the Gate was on Sale for one day only from 12/5 to 12/6. I was considering purchasing this item. I finally made the decision to pull the trigger and buy the Gate On Sale for $99. instead of the normal $179. It is 8:49 pm on the 6th of December and I just went to the klipsch.com website and it has already been taken off the Sale Price Offering and put back to the $179. price. I thought that a one day sale from 12/5 to 12/6 actually meant that the Sale would expire at midnight on the 6th of December but I guess not. Having trouble understanding how the online purchasing works.Any guidance from Klipsch would be helpful.
  5. I am a longtime Klipsch Owner and Supporter. I recently moved and had to give up on my Klipsch wired surround system and decided to go with the Klipsch RSB-11 that I ordered on 11/23 and it was shipped on 11/25. I also ordered an RW-1 wireless speaker. I got an e-mail last night showing that if you purchase an RW-1 between 12-1 to 12-15 that you can get one Free with the purchase. So Buy One-Get One. I contacted Kibo at the Toll Free Number and was told that my order didn't qualify for the BOGO Free deal. I told Kibo that if I had made my purchase at a Klipsch Authorized Retailer such as Best Buy that I would have 30 Days to return my purchase for a Full Refund or that I could expect to get the newer offer of BOGO Free. The person from Kibo was very unsympathetic and cold as in Bah Humbug. Klipsch on their web site states that: If you are not completely satisfied with a product, return it for a full refund. Return it with an RMA , which you can generate from the "My Account" section, within 30 days of the shipping date on your packing list. Klipsch on their website states in many places that they want their Customers to be Happy with their purchases. I am not happy with the way I am being treated by Kibo and I expected Better from Klipsch. If I had known that this is the way my purchase would be treated, I would have gone to Best Buy so that I could return my purchase if a Sale that is currently ongoing wouldn't be Honored. I ordered the RSB-11 and RW-1 only 12 days ago, I am not anywhere near the 30 Day Guarantee point. I need some HELP from Klipsch on this issue...Is anyone listening???
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