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  1. you didn't miss it , I just spent an hr searching and I could not find the specs for watts rms @8 ohms /chn for that avr.

    But , I do own the DH750 and run RF-280 based 5.2 surround with mains bi-amped to last surround channel. RF-280 spec  is 150rms/600peak so similar to yours.

    I've play that setup in 2.2 and 5.2 as loud as I could take in a 12x13 room(and I love loud :) ) without an issue.

    As pzannucci stated turn it up if you hear distortion back off.

    Based on my experience with a similar setup just don't push it into distortion and you should be fine, I'll bet you get to the "ok that's loud enough " long before then.



  2. 6 hours ago, babadono said:

    I see nothing Colonel Hogan.

    lol, ya seems the Items are pulled off site after auction is done.

    First link was for the LS ll' open box,I won that for 4500 cnd

    Second was for the Paradigm Studio-Sub 15( Rosenut ) openbox, I got it for 1500

    And the one I was crying over was an Anthem P-5 power amp, someone got it for 5300

    https://www.anthemav.com/products-current/model=p5/page=overview   that's a sick amp.

  3. 5 hours ago, Emile said:

    I hope it was not "Nigeria" auctions ... next you'll be getting an email from a "Prince" asking you for another 5 grand :(

    Good luck!

    Cheers, Emile :D 

    lol, no thankfully not a Nigerian in sight ..but . .the guy I had to deal with tonight I wouldn't have minded sending there. I tried to ask him a question about the sub placement and he cut me off and said " It's a sub, you can put it anywhere " -_- . I just dropped the Idea of asking him anything else and went back to signing papers. I'll call the guy I was originally talking to ( he was great, very helpful ) tomorrow.

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  4. 8 hours ago, ODS123 said:


    Sorry, but I would regard the "allow 72 hours for precessing before contacting the vendor" to be more of a suggestion than a rule.  ..And I would ignore the suggestion.  If it were me, after giving them over $5K, I'd reach out to them the very next day to make sure all seems kosher.  ..Just my $.02

    Ya thats what  I did ,called them this afternoon told them I have the claim vouchers printed out and they told me to come in and finish the paperwork. Went down after dinner, the LS's were gone from the display area and there were LaScala ll boxes stacked by the wall....just 10 ft away......sooooo close......arranged for delivery hopefully Monday :)

    Didn't see a huge Paradigm box so they prob haven't got to it yet. Turns out the sub weights in at 278lbs (gasp...) so I need to figure where I want it this weekend cuz gonna be a royal pain to move if I get it wrong :(


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    Your payment has been processed. Please allow 72 hours for processing before contacting the vendor. Please contact vendor to ensure product is ready for pick-up when you arrive. Unless otherwise directed in the above description please present this certificate along with identification to claim your Item/Items. Thank you for using www.thriftythursdays.ca "


    ...3 days, ther killing me here....


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  6. 26 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    niagara auction huh NICE GRAB!!!!

    Thnx :)

    21 minutes ago, codewritinfool said:

    Nice!  Hope the payment processes quickly and you have those babies singing soon at your house!


    ..still waiting..I should just go to bed, watched pot and all that.


    oh and hi all, I'm new here but been lurking around since December. Lots of great info and ppl here. I've read probably over 500 threads on here since then, too many actually as now I can't remember what amps go well with LS's. Guess its soon time to start asking questions.

  7. ....and I'm sitting here at my comp waiting for payment processing ...https://niagaraauction.thriftythursdays.ca/item.cfm?ItemNum=32451,....my stomach is doing weird stuff, these are my dream speakers but  way above my paygrade, never thought I'd actually own a set. In December I settled on a pair of RS7-lll's (actually it was RS7-ll's I paid for as the 3's were also above my paygrade, but they over sold on web sale and sent me the 3's instead)...anyhow, think I just needed to tell someone to make it real  :D

    ....Oh and while I was waiting for auction to end I managed to scoop this https://niagaraauction.thriftythursdays.ca/item.cfm?ItemNum=32665 just in case I wanted more bass than the LS's could do :)


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  8. Acually I'm pretty sure you would fry something if you tried it that way. You may want to try a Y splitter for each channel off the pre-amp so you could use 2 left channels and 2 right.

    Or..get a pair of pro-amps that can do 2ohm, many of them can

  9. Hmmmm, if I recall correctly 2 6 ohm speakers connected in parallel on 1 channel would give 3ohms...that could be an issue with that amp.

    goto 5:30 for the part relating to you situation..but the whole vide is informative

  10. 23 minutes ago, Digital Sniper said:

    I'm pretty new to the audiophile scene.  Is this a real thing? http://www.klipsch.com/blog/how-and-why-to-break-in-your-new-speakers


    I've been listening all day and they sound better now than when I posted my question.  I can still hear more bass when I stand up, but it's a bit muddy and overpowering.

    Yes it is. Basically as the moving parts in the speaker "loosen up " the sound will " tighten up ". Give it a week or so and you'll most likely notice the bass is more tight/punchy and less muddy.

  11. On ‎3‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 10:49 PM, nola000 said:

    t^ You mean, how does IT sound? Like I said, I have a channel out so I can only hear one at a time right now.


    I would say Im a little disappointed. Its bright. I know thats the Klipsch sound but I was expecting more low end thump stepping up from the RF-3s that Ive had forever to the RF-7s. I loved my RF-3s but I wanted more strength on the lows in 2 ch. I have the RS-3s and RC-3s that went with my RF-3s in my surround setup but I dont have a standalone subwoofer and Im about 95% 2 ch. music to 5% movie surround. I was hoping that the RF-7s would blow away my RF-3s with chest pounding kick drums and rock me to sleep with bass guitar notes. 

    Im wondering how much of this is my setup. Ive never ran any EQ at all on my home sound. Ive got a B&K Reference 50 pre with a B&K AV5000 5-ch amp @ 105W-125W/channel. Its all pure signal with no adulteration. Im wondering if I need to EQ and push more power to get the RF-7s to vibrate. I noticed with my RF-3s that with tracks that had strong bass the RF-3s would bounce. Ive only ran the RF-7 through one track so far.


    I used to run my RF-3s off my Hegeman Hapi 2 with my Jennings Research "The Amp" @ 200W/channel. It might have been my imagination but that shit sounded sweet. Had to modernize so I could utilize my my surround speakers and interface with all my devices and the Jennings amp had a really nasty turn-off thump.

    I have a set of cherry RF-7 lll's and when I first got them set up I to was a'lil disappointed, they sounded good but not 4x the price of my RF-800' good. First I had them hooked up to an Onkyo AVR rated  at 100wpc 8 ohm so I decided to get more power for them. Looking for best "bang/buck" I went with a Crown XLi 1500 pro amp (330wpc@8ohm) and a Cambridge DACMagic Plus for pre-amp,Hooked everything up with some AudioQuest Forest interconnects and fired it up.

    This is when I had my " HOLY SHIT " moment. If the 2's are like the 3's... feed them power you wont be disappointed.

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