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  1. 45 minutes ago, moray james said:

      No ideas? Well start by searching the archive here for members who have posted FS ads and contact them first and see if they might still have them, things don't always get sold for a lot of reasons. contact other members who own these speakers or who have done projects with them of any kind and ask them if they have any for sale, if they don't have any ask them if they have any reliable contacts who do. There are numerous other ways to search discreetly your imagination can help you. It has been my experience that often when people ask for advice invariably they find my recommendation to them either overly complicated or too difficult or they find some reason to argue and or look for recommendations which suit them better. My ideas are not the only ones they simply are the ones which suit me and my concerns and I cannot know what will suit your specific concerns as well as you can yourself. I will tell you that it will be more work than posting a WTB ad. You will however meet members and you will have the opportunity to learn a lot from them and hopefully make new friends so your time will be well spent. This should get you started good luck in your search.

    PS: cracked cones are an option if the price is right as they can be repaired to as good as new condition if you are a handy kind of person.

    Thanks for your reply.



  2. Update. Customer service agent Liam dug a little deeper and this was his reply.



    " That was a wiping Stain that we purchase from Valspar a long time ago. It was Custom made for our product. Valspar is no longer our paint supplier so if you are looking to change or match that color you best bet would be to find someone close that could try and match.  There is a sealer coat and two coats of lacquer  .  That could be  scuffed and another coat applied without messing will the color on the stain."

    That is all the information that we have.

    I will try a Natural color or Golden Oak, sanding sealer and 3 or 4 coats of Satin Lacquer. Update pics to come.


  3. 1 hour ago, moray james said:

    Linseed oil is the least expensive oil finish you can get so it is likely what they used but I cannot say for sure and they may or may have not added any tint or stain. I cannot give you an answer. you can do comparisons on the bottom of the cabinets to see how your color matches as the bottom of the cabinet will have had the least exposure to UV and will be closest to the actual factory colour. Hope this helps.

    Thanks morey james,

    I wrote to Klipsch customer support and this is what they said.

    We do not have the color/brand of stain documented down, so we would not be able to give that information out."


    I will continue to search for what Klipsch used. I am not sure it would be an "oil finish" as the colors available were Light Oak, Medium Oak, Black Satin, Mahogany. I will most likely go with a natural color stain as the Oak is very light and top coat with a Satin lacquer. See pic below.

    Thanks again,



  4. 13 hours ago, moray james said:

    Why not apply 2 or three coats of boiled linseed oil let that set a week or two (best if you apply the first coat thinned 50%) and top coat with a clear poly or if you want more golden highlights some clear varnish till you are happy then top coat with clear poly. This all works on bring out the natural colour of the wood and not in shifting it to be different from what it was meant to be.

    Hi moray james,

    Do you know if the boiled linseed oil is what the factory used for the light Oak color? I would like it to match the Light Oak color so when I sell them, it matches with someones other speakers.

    Thank you for your reply.


  5. Hey guys,

    I am refurbing a newly acquired pair of KLF-20's in the light oak finish. I will be stripping the finish and re-staining.  Does any know what the factory used as far as color and type of finish?

    The top coat satin finish does not appear to be a lacquer but more of a polyurethane? 

    I tried a test spot with lacquer thinner and it barely touched the finish. Any recommendations on a solvent or stripper to remove factory finish?

    Thanks in advance.


  6. Selling a very nice set of sequential numbered "Legend Series" KLF-20's. The finish is Black Satin with a 9/10 overall condition.
    The cabinets are scratch free except there are some "minor scuffs" on the back of the cabinets but cannot be seen from your listening position.
    The woofers, midrange and tweeter horns function like new and look great.
    I did upgrade the tweeter horn to Bob Crites Titanium diaphragms and these speakers sound excellent with chest pounding bass.
    The grills and fabric are also in perfect condition. 
    All correct parts are here- feet, ports, emblems.

    The front and backs are tight without glue issues or rattles.

    This sale will be local pick up only without a shipping option due to size and weight of these speakers.

    Speakers are located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

    $900 or best offer. Cash only. > SOLD

    Here are the KLF 20 specifications.

    LEGEND KLF 20 TOWER Sensitivity: 100 dB @ 1 watt/1 meter
    Frequency Response: 34 Hz-20 kHz±3 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Crossover Frequency: 750 Hz and 7 kHz
    Power Handling: 200 watts maximum continuous (800 watts peak)
    Enclosure Type: Bass reflex via dual, wide-flare, rear firing ports
    Drive Components: Three-way system using one 1"(2.54 cm) K-79 tweeter compression driver with a90º x 40º exponential horn;
    one 1.5" (3.81 cm) K-52 midrange compression driver with a 90º x 60º TractrixHorn and two 10" (25.4 cm) K-1036 woofers.
    Weight: 86.5 lbs. (39.27 kg)
    Height: 40.75" (103.51 cm)
    Width: 12" (30.5 cm)Depth: 16" (41 cm)
    Finish: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Black Satin, Mahogany.



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  7. On 11/28/2017 at 4:22 PM, efzauner said:


    At what serial numbers was the KLF hot glue/melamine delamination problem fixed?   or was it ever?

    My SN are 3106982326      and I had to fix them, motor boards and back almost completely detached. I purchased them used 2 years ago knowing that they needed to be fixed.


    There is a pair for sale with SN KLF20BS99190195 j  seller claims there is no problem... Just wanted to see if that is at all probable. 



    I would like to know too. I have been watching KLF series for a while now but always hear of the glue problem. I just bought a KLF-C7 but have not received it yet. Was the glue problem series wide?

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