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  1. Wowsa, $300 is insane for these. What was he thinking? lol I wonder if he's selling them on behalf of someone; a recently passed relative type situation where the seller doesn't really know what he has.
  2. I'm not affiliated with the seller, just saw this on craigslist and wish I had the room for them. Best price I've seen on a nice pair of Belles. I feel like i'm making a terrible mistake by not immediately buying them lol. But my wife would literally kill me if I brought another pair of speakers home. https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-bell-speaker-system/6705944619.html
  3. Yes please, I'm very interested in this as well. Did you build these or buy them? Do you mind posting pictures?
  4. What about the actual quality of the dsp's dac stage? It sounds like you're satisfied with it. I don't want to start an argument over DAC implementations but I'm one of those people who (thinks) can hear a difference between DACs. IME, the DAC is 3rd in order of importance after speakers and amp. As I've upgraded my DAC stage, each improvement was night and day for me. I understand the dsp offers other benefits (time alignment etc) that will probably outweigh any problems its own dac stage introduces. So it's probably a trade-off like every other aspect of this hobby that would ultimately be an improvement. Then the upgrade path would change from better DAC to better DSP. Thoughts? I feel like I've got tunnel vision about the dsp/dac thing but I've got young kids running around my house so the turntable has been put away for a couple of years . My Hex DAC is as close to vinyl sounding as I've heard in an all-digital rig. I love the sound and don't want to take a step backwards in that area if I don't have to. FYI my current system is: Mac mini dedicated music server with Jriver-->USB to Metrum Hex DAC-->Hot-rodded DC Coupled B1 buffer with Stereo Coffee optocoupler volume control-->Firstwatt F5 Turbov2-->La Scalas with Eliptrac HF and 400 horns/K-55v mid and DE120 tweeters
  5. After pricing out parts from Solen, I'm leaning in the direction you suggest. No way to really do it on the cheap. I have other projects around the house that will come waaaay before new crossovers. I'm really enjoying the SuperAA's and the eliptrac 400 with K-55v.
  6. Hi Tom, These are for La Scalas. Thanks to Al, I've already upgraded the tweeters to DE120s with Eliptrac HF horns; swapped the stock AA to Al's SuperAA network and have a pair of Eliptrac 400 horns in progress. I plan on running 3 way with the stock K-55v for the time being. I was reading on Al's website that he recommends the ES500 for La Scala and ES400 for Khorns. He advised me that both would work with a 3 way La Scala with stock mid and woofer drivers. Let me ask you about the sound quality of the dsp's you've used? I have Metrum Hex DAC which I absolutely love. I'm thinking that the extra adc->dac stage added by a dsp would defeat its benefit. Also, are you aware of any DSPs that can be programmed to have extreme slopes? I've only just started to look into active digital crossovers and the only ones I've found in my budget max out at 48 dB/octave and no steeper. Is an extreme slope DSP a thing?
  7. Thank you Bruce! I think I'm all set now. A good samaritan sent me the ES500 design and the I'm hearing from multiple people the ES5800 was never made public. Agreed, Al's work is impeccable. Unfortunately I can't afford impeccable at the moment lol. I was going to build the ES500 with lower quality parts and upgrade them incrementally as I have funds. I haven't put together a BOM yet so I'm not sure if that will save enough money to justify building it myself. On the other hand, not all the choices we make in this hobby are driven by cost; the tinkering is the fun part.
  8. Hi Mark, I appreciate that i'm late to this party. I asked Al and he respectfully advised that the designs are out there somewhere if I look hard enough. He wasn't averse to me building it, he just didn't want to be involved. I did find out that the es5800 was never in the public domain so I'll have to buy that one anyway. I can't for the life of me find the es500.
  9. Hi all, I know this is a long dead post but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a schematic for the ES500 and ES5800 networks?
  10. Sold to a local buyer. Thanks all!
  11. Though I'm not in a hurry to sell these, I'm open to reasonable offers too...
  12. I just put these up on the bay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/McIntosh-MC30-Vintage-Tube-Amplifiers-Monoblock-Pair-electrically-restored/142738817383 and Craigslist: https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/d/mcintosh-mc-30-mono-tube-amp/6540975652.html
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