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  1. Thanks all. I only really need a small sub due to the footprint of the room. It's very very small in the room and my listening chair is about 5 foot in front of the speakers.
  2. Thank you. Not many kicking around the UK, will have a look about.
  3. I have admittedly a strange set up in my box room. I have Heresy II's, a DJ set up and a tube amplifier which is an Icon Audio ST40. This Christmas I put my speakers at ear level having read some posts on this forum of the benefits of bringing up the speakers on tables to improve the quality of sound. Im all good apart from one thing as the mid section is so much better I've lost my bottom end. I know Heresy speakers aren't great for sub base, however I'm happy to improve with a small sub. Preferably a Klipsch one if I'm honest, can anyone recommend anything ? My tube amp would need to have speaker interconnects, and the room is so tiny I don't need a big sub. Just something to bring out the bottom end so it's noticeable. Any ideas or recommendations?
  4. Hello All, I am looking to match a Subwoofer to my tube amp, ideally I'd like to stay with Klipsch as this feels right alongside my Heresy II's. I think I have a problem, I have an Icon Audio ST40 MK2 tube amp which only has speaker connects and no sub connection. Is there a way round this with Klipsch subwoofers, if so how do I do this and what is the theory with it ? I have a very small music room, it's not optimal in sound but does me so I do not need a huge sub. Just something to improve the Heresy II lack of sub bass. Help, thoughts and recommendations would be most welcome. Happy Monday all x Tom
  5. I agree the transformation is incredible, I really do love my tube amp and the matching. I had Azymuth on the speakers a few weeks back, it was incredible - plus both of my neighbours were out so I really got to give it some on the speakers. Can I ask you friendly bunch another question - I'd like to match a Klipsch sub to my Icon Audio amp, I have done some research and noticed that it's possible to connect a sub with high speaker level inputs. Can anyone recommend a sub for this ? If you can notice that in my original thread my room isn't the best for audio and speaker placements will remain where they are, thus, i need to compensate with a sub to get that bass that Heresy lacks. I am noticing a lack of sub bass which is a shame, however jazz and 'mid range' music sounds still wonderful. I'd like to stay with Klipsch on the subwoofer front as I love Klipsch and feel my identity with these speakers remains with the brand due to what the business does and the quality of products.
  6. Hi, As a quick update I picked up the Icon Audio Stereo 40 MKIII last week for a steal on Ebay. http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/icon-audio-stereo-40-mkiiim-valve-amplifier?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn4ncBRCaARIsAFD5-gUERxIopBYQyfTQ1AXhlTXUB4vwR1C8U5t4tdHKzfWXbnhMN5w0nucaAgvbEALw_wcB I wanted to just check with some knowledgable people about how to connect up with the speaker connection at the back of the amp, as the Heresy's run at 8 impedance should this be connect to the 8 or 4 connection ? I just want to make sure, I read that it's what sounds best but I cant hear a massive difference if at all. I just wanted to make sure it was connected properly. Thanks, Tom
  7. Hello, I hope Summer is coming along nicely for you all. Having deliberated about a Yaqin amp I have decided to opt out of purchasing from our friends in the East and stick to potentially UK soil, I have been looking at a Icon Audio Stereo MC25 mk2 amp which looks the business and has had some good reviews. It retails in at £1299.00 so not cheap at all, however I am open to other suggestions along the way. Plus, I'd consider a non tube amp. Baring in mind my room is not the biggest where my sound system is in in the first place, I am after fidelity though so the tube amp leaning is probably the right direction I am heading. http://www.iconaudio.com/main-products/stereo-25-mk-ii/ for further details. Tom x
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Yaqin-Mc-13s-Bk-6ca7-BL-Vacuum-Tube-Push-pull-Integrated-Amplifier-Mc-10t-10l-UK/1650218982?iid=251530335743&chn=ps&adgroupid=43920634520&rlsatarget=pla-359427365517&abcId=1063846&adtype=pla&merchantid=7353114&poi=&googleloc=9072497&device=c&campaignid=797602469&crdt=0 - another on Ebay for £480.00.
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/YAQIN-MC-13S-Integrated-Push-Pull-Amplifier/dp/B00A7IZN70 - nice and cheap here Derrick. Hmmmm, maybe a next day purchase. Anyone else got any thoughts on this amp ?
  10. Happy Spring all, this will be the second thread I have started here on the Klipsch forum. The first was around the support getting an offer on Ebay in my local area and taking the plunge on some II's. All is well at the moment, I am aware though the amplification set-up needs to be addressed as I am on a lower budget amp. One of the things that my recommenders need to be aware of is that I do not have a big budget and see around the 600-700 mark to be about right, I noticed some people talking about the Yaqin Tube Amps and how well they go so thought I'd ask what people on here though, particularly around pairing. As you will see from my previous thread, the room my speakers is in is not massive. Fidelity is better than loudness in this circumstance. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Yaqin-Mc-13s-Bk-6ca7-BL-Vacuum-Tube-Push-pull-Integrated-Amplifier-Mc-10t-10l-UK/1650218982?iid=251707506149 this caught my eye. Also, as a word of caution, could you please explain your jargon. I am still getting my head around the terminology, when numbers come it makes little sense at the moment - any audio science notes/guidance would also be welcome. Tom
  11. In response: Hi Tom Creek Audiolab Exposure A&R Arcam are good sounding solid state amps. Class D amplifiers could be worth a listen as would be a valve amplifier. I have used an EL34 Push Pull Valve amplifier with very great results for many years. There are some good valve amps from China at low prices Da Ming , Jacin, The old Leak valve amps like the Stereo 20 & TL12 + sound wonderful. My regards Guy.
  12. Oh I've found a lot of people on forums talking about Nad amps that are paired well. I'm looking around the £500 budget in the future if anyone can kindly make some recommendations.
  13. 6 days in and the love affair continues. Having fallen in love with them I am sad that I can't get that first day feeling as I'm getting used to the speaker abilities now ! However, I am sure it will become more obvious when I get in front of some not so good speakers. Still though, they are ridiculously good. Now.....for that amp.........
  14. What a day yesterday was ! We headed to 20 minutes away from our home to meet Guy and his wife. Guy was the main distributor for Klipsch from the early 90's to the late 90's in the UK and he was residing in his apartment with his wife now in retirement, and occasionally selling off some old new stock. I thought that I would be doing a quick transaction but Guy was an absolute gent and deeply in love with audio and Klipsch speakers. This came from having him meet Paul Klipsch and the family at a conference, afterwards he started a journey of audio having been disappointed with his DJ set up and speakers in the UK. He went searching and then found Klipsch in his opinion to be unbeatable, something that he felt was a love affair that had never let him down. We were treated to his Heresy Speakers II running through an Exposure amp which was in true audio salesman way the greatest welcome, he talked through his love of collecting music and searching for the perfect sound dropping in occasional numbers, amp rates, db settings. He showed me his catalogues, prices lists, folders of Klipsch information, the price of k-horns in 91 and how he now has two k-horns in Ireland at his countryside retreat. His wife advised 'well he could be in to worse things'. We got the speakers out which had a tiny scratch on, as a result he knocked £75 off, he did not want me to leave without having heard them. So we trialled them, got them out the box which were brand new - checked the serial numbers etc. As a result, I left with two Heresy speakers - over joyed and happy, also feeling like I had found a bargain. At home I opened the speakers up with Kamasi Washington - Truth (this was the first music I heard on Klipsch speakers just over a month ago) and then went into Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven and various soul, disco, soft rock and funk records. Incredible. I then listened to War - City Country City and couldn't stop grinning, something that also happened when Guy played me some instrumentals at his home, a grin wouldn't leave my face and my girlfriend said the same. Next steps for me are the following: a new amp, whilst my amp is holding up well I feel a new amp will bring some more fidelity to this. My knowledge on amplification including the technical side of things and what to look for in the design/description and abilities I have little knowledge on. Is there an idiot guide to audio anywhere ? I played some more low end music and felt whilst the sub isn't really needed for home listening, again, getting one wouldn't be a bad idea - the bottom end is slightly hidden but it's no biggie at the moment. Also as my room is so small, the sweet spot is actually a foot or so down from where I sit above the speakers. I am going to get some stand of sort, Ikea in the UK have a table which would work - or something similar to this would also do I feel. https://www.ikea.com/ie/en/products/tables/coffee-side-tables/lack-side-table-black-art-20011408/ - anyone got any thoughts on this ? Would that be OK ? Also, I'll get some laptop stands to adjust the speakers to be pointed upwards. I went for a walk last night and said to my partner, although this was one of the biggest spend I have made outside of a house or a long holiday it felt like one of the wisest things to do. It feels like a journey from one sound system to my one at home. Sound really does come alive with the right speakers, in fact all my records now sound completely different. Sonic, real and clear. No bullshit. A thank you to all that advised, been kind and guided me to this point.
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