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  1. Can a Heresy be effectively bi-amped (without internal modification) with an AVR that has low/high outputs for L/R with an adjustable digital crossover? What would be the best way to tri-amp with an AVR?
  2. Is it possible to buy a set of Heresy drivers from Klipsch? I am thinking about building some cabinets out of a similar birch plywood.
  3. Thanks! I have enjoyed the posts I have seen here so far and the depth of knowledge.
  4. Nice score!!! That would be perfect. I saw that pair $1300 pair on CL, looks nice, but way too much over what they normally go for, and a bit out of the way to drive out for a non-deal. If anyone out there has a pair or sees one like this, please ping me.
  5. I'm looking for a pair of the original Heresy I (HBR) in decent exterior condition for my living room / HT. I don't mind tinkering with the electronics/drivers if needs some TLC to get it sounding good again. I am in the SF Bay Area.
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