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  1. I have lowered the price of the horns to $140
  2. Yes, I know. i made a mistake--they are the 811B--as for the dimensions --I simply used a ruler as best a i could!
  3. I simply made a mistake-stamped on the horn is 811b
  4. The shipping both horns in the smallest possible box is $81.00. I would be willing to ship for $70.oo if that helps. i have not used these horns but have looked them over very closely last night and one of the horns has two of the attachment holes bored out a little larger than normal . They came from the former owner that way. if still interested i will send close up pictures of the mounting plate. Kindly let me know.
  5. I have a used altec 811b horn pair for sale. Intended for a project that just never started. Purchased used from another party who had spray painted them. Look to be in good condition with one horn having a bubbled up spot of about 1/4 in ch in width and 1/2 in length. I have tapped on that spot and it seem strong but i have not picked into it. It is not a rusted through spot. $ 140 for the pair along with shipping .Approximate measurement are 8-1/2 high 18-1/4 wide 14 deep. Shipping expense i will check on if you are interested although I have sent a pair of heavy wood horns across the country for around 50 dollars. Selling and shipping only to the lower 48 states . Payment is through regular Pay Pal or US Postal money order.
  6. I have 2 Beyma 8 mi 100 mid drivers for sale. Not even used for 1 hour. Tried for a project that did not work out. Purchased new. They were mounted in a cabinet for a day. The mid bass response is clear and detailed. Cost $149 each new. $190 for the pair plus $ 15 shipping. Thanks.
  7. I have a pair. the ridges leftover from the cnc work still need a little sanding and i have attempted painting but for some labor on your part these would be less expensive--assembly has been done and is correct----you would need to sand a little--let me know if interested and we can talk--
  8. I once shipped large speakers on a pallet through ABF freight. They gave me quite a good rate/discount. Nice people. Had to go to the terminal to drop off and buyer to pick up.
  9. SOLD--Some klipsch restore people love these for Klipschorn and other projects. New sold for $368/piece or $736/pair. Unique 5 inch composite diaphragm.Used very sparsely for only a hour or so. Project did not work out due to time, space needs and such. New in 2018. Willing to sell the pair only as a pair for $225 plus $25 shipping (they are heavy). Specs are on B and C website and comments in various blogs.
  10. I just lowered the price to 300 each or 600 the pair. Want to sell as pair. They were 378 each new price or 756 the pair. I am original purchaser. With less than 40 minutes of use for home audio project. Thanks.
  11. Used for not even 1/2 hour. Clear, detailed, accurate sound. 2 inch throat exit. 400 hz to 10000 hz. According to testers etc. will go down to 400 hz with the right horn. Has a 5 inch composite unique diaphragm. Mint condition. Neo magnets but large and heavy. Many Klipsch DIY and upgrade people recommend these. Will cover shipping. Sales to continental US only. $378 new "each" asking $300. Want to sell as a pair. $600 for the pair/ Purchased about two months ago. Have dropped the project due to personal reasons. Have remainder of 1 year warranty. Check/Certified Check and ship after clears. Thanks.
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