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  1. looking forward to responses on this - I have a pair of 511b's looking for a project 🙂
  2. Yes thanks for this - I had covered that ground early on and spoke to Roy about the factory-supplied drivers. As it was, a friend sent me Faital HF200's which I swapped out for the Klipsch units before I did anything about it. The Faitals defo have the better top end, however I have had some balancing issues between the two drivers, so are temporarily off the horns. I am really just experimenting at this point - having some fun. And fun it is 🙂 Thanks Islander Zig
  3. Only because of the cost of getting them to New Zealand, and because the BMS drivers have been reported by ChrisA to be very good, with the HF being delivered from the same point as the mids - ie no need for an additional horn flare.
  4. It's been an interesting week for the Jubes. First they got a taste of Canadian Muscle, which they clearly enjoyed. Next I had some issues with my aftermarket compression drivers, so I put the Klipsch originals back on and found them lacking severely from 16khz upwards, the Xilica ran out of adjustment for this. So Just for giggles, I hooked up a couple of cheap rubbish TOA horn tweeters, running parallel straight the back of the 1133's - no crossover or anything, no science here folks.. Anyway - it sounded good! I mean, not phenomenal, but good enough to know that I want to tri-amp the system and either run a separate tweeter as we see here, or utilize the BMS co-ax driver @Chris A has been playing with (the more likely route). I also built a frame for the 402's to make trying different alignments easier.. These will be a temporary solution, so again, not very scientific. But I kinda like how they look!
  5. The Wyred was a chance purchase - I knew very little about it when I bought it. It has since proved itself against more expensive pre-amps in my system. It is not without its foibles though. The remote is junk, firstly. More annoyingly is the pop! pop! pop! between attenuator steps, especially loud between 13-14 Volume. Between 0-14 the channel outputs are not balanced either. I ran my Xilica gain levels low so I stay out of this range with the Wyred. Ii may ultimately send it across the ocean back to Wyred for upgrade, and get a better remote.
  6. I FOUND THE SOURCE OF MY HUM! Joy of joys, and after just spending $200 on Deuland kitted L-pads. Idiot. The USB cable between the Xilica and computer.... always plugged in so I can make Xilica adjustments.... unplugged, BINGO, DEAD SILENT amps. Very very happy to have finally worked it out. Seems silly, but I'd tried turning the computer and the xilica off individually and together, and not had any improvement - as such I never thought to try disconnecting them... Anyone looking for a hot deal on 2x 5r7 and 2x 3r Deuland Silver Graphite cast resistors? 🙂
  7. Thanks Chris Totally agree with this (except I love tubes). I've come to realize that even the best stereo system on earth with still only be a representation of a representation of a representation (usually!) of the real thing. Chasing perfection therefore (ie no distortion and all other negatives we speak of) is somewhat futile, thus, pick a sound you like and call it good. I have found that tubes give that to me at the top end, and solid state delivers in the bass. Lucky I have active Jubes right?! Interesting by logical re the phase shift stuff. Thanks for your wisdom as ever. Zig
  8. A quick update. I've picked up the Bryston 7bst monoblocks and set them up to power the Jube bins. They took some time to fully warm up, but once they did, the rewards were very apparent... The bass is now super fast, clean, dry, immediate - free of blurring. Really hearing seperate tones right down to the lower registers.. I even seem to have picked up a few extra hz! (Need to confirm this) Again, the characteristics of these amps are considerably different to the other gear, with the closest comparison being the Macrotech. But the Brystons have an edge over the big Crown in terms of speed and clean edges... I don't envy my neighbors tonight....
  9. Cant see them ever breaking a sweat... damn... just looking at the slew rate in the specs...!
  10. Perfect for those low-level late-night whiskey sessions then 🙂
  11. Dammit - a pair of those came up locally last week, "Bel Canto" sounded a bit fruity for me, so I passed. Hopefully the Bryston's DF of 300 @ 20hz should be sufficient. Great info - thank you. I have Deuland resistors arriving with extremely low inductance so I can build build an L-Pad with circa -12db to get the amp idle noise to near zero. I think I mentioned the cheap resistors I have in there have taken a fraction of 3d effect out, hopefully the Deulands will be better. Switching to SPDIF (optical) output on my PC has helped - no hard-wire connection to the downstream components. The PC is the main problem, sending noise back through the AC, and through it's own outputs, it seems. Time for a Bluesound Node 2i, methinks - get the PC right out of the system. I will also run a couple of new, filtered lines from my switchbox which should help. My house is old, and the wiring system is less than ideal.
  12. Well, some good news... found a pair of Bryston 7bST amps here in NZ .. whaddyall reckon? 500wpc of Canadian goodness be 'nuff for the Jube bins? 🙂
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