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  1. Thank you! Speakers: (2) Klipsch LaScalas for LR , (1) Klipsch Cornwall for C, (4) Klipsch KS-525 Ultra THX Side Surrounds, (2) Klipsch Heresy Back Surrounds, (4) Klipsch KW-120 Ultra THX Subs, (6) Genelec 8040B Auro+Atmos Speakers Video: JVC D-LA X7900 (RS540) Projector - and yes, I like it a lot. Oppo 203 for UHD and most of the time, I‘m using a HTPC with madVR Audio: Marantz AV8805
  2. Thank you for your compliments. That are Genelec 8040B for Atmos and Auro. Actually there are two more speakers installed as front height, placed on top of the LaScalas, behind the screen.
  3. Some pictures of mine, with 2 La Scala, 1 Cornwall and 4 THX KW-120 Subs... Some Heresy in the back...and THX Sides Changed the seating in the meanwhile...
  4. Still one of my favourite Theaters...
  5. Well in principle it's a room in room construction in the basement of my house (approx 13' x 29' x 9.5'). Regarding diffusers, the ceiling is skyline diffuser (Sonitus Bigfuser), while flutterfree diffusers (EQ Acoustics QR Dif­fuser ) are used on the wall. Some more details of my home theater build ... Heritage District
  6. That sounds pretty awesome. You definitely don't need extra bass in the back.
  7. Very nice setup!! Don't think there is a need for some extra bass in the back of the room. Do you plan to add subs? I was planning to have Heresy's all the way, when I build my HT last year. Finally I choose for some LaScala 1 as main and a Cornwall 1 as centre speaker. The only place, I kept my Heresy 1 was in the back. The room was simple too small to have also Heresy 1's as surround. For extra bass, there are 4 KW-120's. That's how it looks like...
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