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  1. I bought a handful of 4K demo material and was able to calibrate the system and test some stuff out just before it was time to get back to work. Covers on the height speakers. They blend right in. Look great in person.
  2. To mount the kpt8060h rear channels I used the same method I used for my acoustic panels. This carpet trim can be found at the hardware store like Home Depot for about $13. Cut to length Feast your eyes on these beauties!
  3. All height channels placed after spending hours trying to find the most ideal placement in room and working with the placement of the trusses. Of course when the house was built all those years ago they didn’t have it in mind I’d be installing a Dolby atmos cinema in the living room. I had to “modify” and reinforce the truss on the left side. That took about 8 hours in the scalding attic on a 100° day. Thinking the whole time that this better be worth it. The used crown cts4200 arrived from eBay, but I wasn’t able to get any output from the 4 channels. Sent it back and ordered a couple crown xls1002 from amazon. I work out of town and was not willing to wait another 2 weeks before I heard the fruits of my labor. Getting tight on space in the rack. Only 4u left for future upgrades.
  4. I was able to make it home and get started on the install. Wow these ic800t’s are huge. I tested them before hand on a spare amp. They sounded incredible! Bass super hard. Sitting beside the new kpt8060h rear surrounds. The templates made the install much easier to get squared up. Thankful for them. I was not comfortable hanging 4 21lbs weights off my drywall in a room that has to endure a lot of vibration. I whipped these together to tie into my trusses. Excellent attachment system shown here.
  5. AHall

    GSG Devastator

  6. If you’re looking for reliable smallish entry-mid level subs like Jl 10” or klipsch, just get a couple svs. @MetropolisLakeOutfitters Will hook you up. He’ll get you the best pricing on your klipsch speakers as well.
  7. Look at Seaton, JTR, and PSA for subs. They will blow all the klipsch and svs subs out of the water. This suggestion is based off you not wanting to build you own. Which would be a better bang for buck than anything if you have the capability.
  8. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    I’m feeling the need for more juice under 35hz.
  9. Crossovers still available
  10. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    Man this design has me excited!
  11. This may be beneficial for me to figure out. My k402 mains and k510 center are very quiet currently running on the sunfire grand cinema 5ch amp. The surround channel k510s are using the last two channels of the sunfire, but have a heavy floor noise hiss. It is both audible at the MLP with no content playing and when content is playing. Dirty background noise. The only difference I can think of is the LCR are on the xilica 4080. I’m using the base file that you set up for me. I have used rew to peq them myself since I’ve made a lot of changes to the room. Now the surrounds that have the hiss are run from the xilica 2040 which I set up from scratch. So I’m assuming I have not corrected the necessary settings to lower the noise floor. Do you have any insight on this?
  12. This is what I bought for my AT152MLP. https://www.lpgear.com/product/ATN152MLPG.html Might be worth a call to see if they can help you out.
  13. Got some more work done this weekend. Ran second surround 12ga cables in wall for biamp. Surrounds reinstalled. Crossovers setup and PEQ finished. Firmware updated in Anthem. Downloaded and ran ARC Genesis. Added new gear to rack. Cable management first rendition complete. Ic-800-t atmos speakers have arrived and rear kpt-8060h. The room has never sounded better.
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