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  1. AHall

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    Im sure it’ll be a nice improvement for voices, but I won’t be satisfied til I build an adequate bass bin.
  2. AHall

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    I found a nice used radian 950pb-16 on eBay to try in a k510 for my center channel. Should be a fun experiment using my heresy for the LF cab. I tried it once with the included k69 but I think that driver diaphragm might have been messed up because it sounded very odd.
  3. AHall

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    Yes lead is much lighter and stiffer than beryllium.
  4. AHall

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    The factory k691’s did sound very good. I am happier with the new Radian 950pb drivers I replaced them with. I think they were a good bang for buck upgrade.
  5. AHall

    Jubilee advice needed.

    How do you like the SIT amp. I think I’m going to try to build one when Nelson Pass finishes the new batch of sit transistors soon. The reviews say they have a triode tubey sound to them without all the tube headache. I think this would be ideal for 402s
  6. AHall

    1802 sub port experiment

    I think you’d lose a lot of your spl going from horn loaded ported to hornloaded sealed in a big box. The response is already pretty flat and would be borderline inaudible. Most graphs are in a 5-10db scale usually. I like everyone to see what’s going on better. I have the xilica dsp controlling this as well.
  7. AHall

    1802 sub port experiment

    He mentioned he went with the 7 port design due to high spl levels for cinema use. I should be good with the current 5 port configuration and have enough spl to go deaf. Closing another port will get me lower but might be approaching the limit of the amount of spl the 4 ports will generate and create chuffing. I will need to play content to see if I run into this issue. So my plan is to leave it how it is with 2 ports closed. I’ll play some music and movies at high spl to see if I get any negative results. Then I’ll repeat with the third port closed. I don’t plan to attempt closing a fourth port. And I may try to do a slug test to see when compression occurs with each. After I’m done I’ll decide if 2 ports or 3 is better for my use. If we are -3db at 15-16hz currently and didn’t lose any usable home performance id say this tuning is a winner. And maybe just a bit better with 3 if it doesn’t chuff.
  8. AHall

    1802 sub port experiment

    I got his reply a day or two ago.
  9. AHall

    1802 sub port experiment

    I used a rolled up T-shirt and capped it with duct tape. It’ll be fine for what I’m doing
  10. AHall

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    Yes they are. Rockwool inside frames.
  11. Did some experimenting today with the subwoofer. When it is tucked into its hole its size is very manageable. I forgot how massive it is when the behemoth is actually pulled out into the room. It makes the jubes look like bookshelves in person. 75” tv for reference. The measurements were takin from my middle couch seat 14ft from the subwoofer horn mouth. I did the initial peq using Chris’s thread. And did so with all ports open as they came from the factory. I’m uncertain what I’ve lost up top at the expense of lower performance at this point. And I’ll try to see if there is any room for optimization in the freq response with the second port closed. To keep things consistent I made sure not to move the mic or change any peq along the way. Id like to hear everyone’s opinions on this heresy.
  12. AHall

    K-510 pic needed of "broken" horn

    The only issue with this is some people are seeking the k510 and are not needing a stand or driver.
  13. AHall

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    Still loving this setup. No new changes worth mentioning.