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  1. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    The Marty’s dig a hair deeper but don’t have near the mid bass authority and cleanliness of the devastators.
  2. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    This gives a good comparison of all the gsg enclosure models with each recommended driver. https://shop.gsgad.com/pages/performance-comparison-table
  3. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    I have racked my brain to find a matching sub and not lose low freq fidelity. I really hope adding the devs is a good choice. If I can’t tell the difference between the two I may replace the 1802 with 3 devs. 3 will fit exactly where the 1802 does. Or I may decide it’s enough bass and add tactile transducers.
  4. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    I wanted to strengthen the output below the 28ish hz port tune of the 1802. I get output below 20hz but when you crank it the 1802 runs out of gas. The devs will help with that. And more overhead everywhere. And smoother room response. Plus it just seems really fun.
  5. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    My boxes should be here today. Went with the eminence nsw6021-6 drivers. They have the most bottom end of the lavoce and b&c. These will be in the back of the room on their side behind the couch. The 1802 is still up front. The price was about the same for the 1802 with crown xls2002 as the dual dev birch flat packs, eminence drivers, and nx6000 amp. Around $3500. I’m interested to see how well the devs do with my Jubes and 1802.
  6. AHall


    sounds great. I have the plans the the low profile myself. Wasn’t sure where the sweet spot was for the variable measurement. There’s less info on the LP as far as performance when going oversize.
  7. AHall


    What dimensions did you go with?
  8. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    Anyone try one of these behemoths out yet?
  9. I second this. Can’t wait to own sit monoblocks someday for my k402s.
  10. Mine are the standard drivers. I plan to move these to my side surrounds in the future when I upgrade to beryllium radians.
  11. Thank you for that. Great news for sure
  12. That makes me wanna get started ahead of schedule. The port would be changed some I think. The length from the inside back of the cab to the beginning of the port is 4”. Length of port at 10”. So would we be shortening the port a bit as well?
  13. If you ever have time to model it up I’d be interested in what you come up with. I’m not savvy enough with those programs.
  14. Anyone on here good with Winisd? @ClaudeJ1 ?
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