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  1. Weight of a modern 2 way jube
  2. Klf30 horn is k703 Forte iii horn is k703m Cornwall iv horn is k702 Kpt8060h horn is k702 Wasnt able to track the cf3/4 horn model down in the time I looked.
  3. Looks to be the same k702 as used in the kpt8060h. Might have a different driver on it though. http://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/KPT-8060H-Data-Sheet-v02.pdf
  4. Yeah that thing is beautiful. I wonder if those tractrix port will be available for sale. I’d love to update my cornwalls.
  5. I’d love to hear em.
  6. I’d build the gsg devastators.
  7. I enjoyed all 4 videos just now. That guy is just too cool. I can’t wait to have some of his work powering my jubilees.
  8. How do you feel about the Sit 2? That is the direction I am wanting to go for the k402s. I’d love to hear a detailed explanation of how it sounds compared to other things you’ve tried.
  9. Awesome setup. I may have to finally lower mine like this and have Chris work his special xilica settings with new method filters. I didn’t care for the look at first. It is starting to grow on me now.
  10. I still have the cabinets. They would work for someone that wanted a wood working project but not something I would think were worth shipping. I’d guess it would be very costly.
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