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  1. AHall


    sounds great. I have the plans the the low profile myself. Wasn’t sure where the sweet spot was for the variable measurement. There’s less info on the LP as far as performance when going oversize.
  2. AHall


    What dimensions did you go with?
  3. AHall

    GSG Devastator

    Anyone try one of these behemoths out yet?
  4. I second this. Can’t wait to own sit monoblocks someday for my k402s.
  5. Mine are the standard drivers. I plan to move these to my side surrounds in the future when I upgrade to beryllium radians.
  6. Thank you for that. Great news for sure
  7. That makes me wanna get started ahead of schedule. The port would be changed some I think. The length from the inside back of the cab to the beginning of the port is 4”. Length of port at 10”. So would we be shortening the port a bit as well?
  8. If you ever have time to model it up I’d be interested in what you come up with. I’m not savvy enough with those programs.
  9. Anyone on here good with Winisd? @ClaudeJ1 ?
  10. K510 with a radian 950 is a little under 9”
  11. because making such a modification would be redesigning the entire speaker.
  12. Im kinda stuck with the height and width at this point.
  13. I’d be interested in building new Cornwall boxes that are full height and width, but reducing the depth to around 10.5”. So basically 5” less depth than factory. Looks like I’ll be reducing the volume around 33%. Is this something I should model to come up with a port length or blindly hack off the extra depth? I do not require them to dig deep in my application. I’d be leaning toward using a 15c woofer. For those of you that are wondering why. These are my side surround channels. They are inset into the walls 3.5” already. I’m interested in having them protrude less into the room freeing up walking space. Also getting the horn/woofer that much further from my ear. I am limited by my 16’ room width. Also I’d like to have a new motorboard I can mount my k510s flush in. And move the woofer higher to be closer to the HF horn. This could be advantageous in setting up phase alignment.
  14. I think the winning combination for Jubes after reading every piece of info with the word jubilee in it on the internet during my journey is xilica active crossover, radian 950BePb, and first watt on the k402. As seen in this thread you can see the trend. Jubes run passively just leaves way too much performance on the table. I have the non beryllium radian 950s and love them dearly. I can’t wait to upgrade the Jubes to the Be version and move the standard radians into my k510 cornwall surrounds. The Radian drivers are much more affordable than TAD, you’re buying a new driver rather than used, they currently in production, have a beryllium option, considered equal performance to TAD, etc. There are just gobs and gobs of info out there why first watt amps are so fantastic.
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