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  1. I think the winning combination for Jubes after reading every piece of info with the word jubilee in it on the internet during my journey is xilica active crossover, radian 950BePb, and first watt on the k402. As seen in this thread you can see the trend. Jubes run passively just leaves way too much performance on the table. I have the non beryllium radian 950s and love them dearly. I can’t wait to upgrade the Jubes to the Be version and move the standard radians into my k510 cornwall surrounds. The Radian drivers are much more affordable than TAD, you’re buying a new driver rather than used, they currently in production, have a beryllium option, considered equal performance to TAD, etc. There are just gobs and gobs of info out there why first watt amps are so fantastic.
  2. Weight of a modern 2 way jube
  3. Klf30 horn is k703 Forte iii horn is k703m Cornwall iv horn is k702 Kpt8060h horn is k702 Wasnt able to track the cf3/4 horn model down in the time I looked.
  4. Looks to be the same k702 as used in the kpt8060h. Might have a different driver on it though. http://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/KPT-8060H-Data-Sheet-v02.pdf
  5. Yeah that thing is beautiful. I wonder if those tractrix port will be available for sale. I’d love to update my cornwalls.
  6. I’d love to hear em.
  7. I’d build the gsg devastators.
  8. I enjoyed all 4 videos just now. That guy is just too cool. I can’t wait to have some of his work powering my jubilees.
  9. How do you feel about the Sit 2? That is the direction I am wanting to go for the k402s. I’d love to hear a detailed explanation of how it sounds compared to other things you’ve tried.
  10. Awesome setup. I may have to finally lower mine like this and have Chris work his special xilica settings with new method filters. I didn’t care for the look at first. It is starting to grow on me now.
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